How would you know if your over dosing on adderall

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You know if your over dosing on Adderall if you are taking more than prescribed. Call 1 800-224-2242 for unlimited ChaCha use. [ Source: ]
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How do you know if you need a higher dose of adderall??
Jane, I had my shrink appt. a couple days back and we talked about real time efficacy from all XR formulations. I got me a good pdoc. He lives in the real world. Ain’t that something. Doc says: Those that actually get efficacy times claimed…
How do you know if you need a higher dose of Adderall XR??
: If you start to feel less alert or active than you used to while taking Adderall that is a good indicator. Also if you start to have a more difficult time focusing or paying attention, it’s probably a good idea to go see your doctor and g…

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What changes may i face after over dosing on adderall?
Q: Last night i over dosed on adderall, i took about 240 mg. Today has just been a really akward day and i dont feel like myself, does this mean that i am stuck this way, or will i go back to normal…or what can happen?
A: It’ll take a day or two to feel normal again – the meds are working their way out of your system now. You should be alright in a couple days. If not, see a doctor!
Dose adderall shrink you penis permanently or only when your on it?
Q: I have ADHD and im on Adderall XR 30 millagrams and have been takeing it everyday scince I was 5 and I herd that adderall shrinks your penis but only when your on it, and someone else said is it permanently srunken if you used it frequently for a while. Which is true?My dick is 8.5 inches off adderall and 7.5 on it. Will it eventally be permanent?
A: it only shrinks it while your on it.
Effect of taking high dose of Adderall for the rest of your life?
Q: Just a hypothetical question:If you take 60mg of Adderall every single day for a very very long period of time (20+ years), will you die? How about getting severe damage to your body? What about brain damage?
A: It is highly likely you will have some effects. Depending on your own personal body make up you could have heart issues, high blood pressure, schizophrenia, and other physical and mental problems. Adderall has not been studied in the long term (20 years) but if you read anything about the drug itself you can assume it is snot safe to take for an extended period of time. I have been Adderall XR 30 mg for over a year now and I know I can’t take it forever even though it has helped me tremendously. I have already noticed little things here and there that aren’t a big deal now but I am sure that with prolonged use they may get worse. My boyfriend was on Adderall for about seven years and, no joke, he was 100% convinced that people, lots of people, were following him everywhere in his car. It was becoming a big issue. He got off it about 6 months ago and about a month ago he admitted to me that he is no longer being followed and he thinks the Adderall was the reason he thought that, so…
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