Is alcohol deadlier than marijuana

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One can overdose on alcohol, but not on marijuana; however, both have health risks. Ultimately, it is a matter of opinion. ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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Is alcohol deadlier than marijuana
One can overdose on alcohol, but not on marijuana; however, both have health risks. Ultimately, it is a matter of opinion. ChaCha!

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Is marijuana deadlier than alcohol?
A: No!!! Alcohol is worse. You should of seen the girl I woke up next to this morning!!!! NO MORE JACK FOR THIS GUY I WILL STICK WITH THE WEED!!!!
Alcohol-Marijuana, why is the deadlier one legal?
Q: Read the news paper, watch the news…Dui, or some other form of alcohol related incident. WHy is alcohol, that kills your liver and gives you black-outs, legal and marijuana, gives you munchies and makes you a bit lazy, not legal?
A: Because it is impossible to debate the merits of liberalization of our drug laws without being accused of being “soft on crime” or a “hippie”. Marijuana should be legal like Alcohol, and taxed. It should also be against the law to drive while under the influence of marijuana, just like alcohol.
Let me rephrase my question: If alcohol and tobacco are legal, why isn’t marijuana?
Q: HERE ME THROUGH ON THIS.ok, theres a lot of info in here, so dont answer until i say its alrightfirst of all, I AM NOT A POTHEAD! i am a 3.5 student who has never touched, smoked, or done anything with pot. This is all strictly facts that i have put together from numerous websites, and sources will be provided when needed.Ok first, some facts about alcohol, tobbaco, and marijuanaTobacco:-47 million in us. use it.-438 thousand deaths every year (1 in every 5 deaths)-More deaths are caused each year by tobacco use than by all deaths from human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), illegal drug use, alcohol use, motor vehicle injuries, suicides, and murders combined.- Deadly Diseases: Lung Cancer, Heart Cancer, Chronic Airway Obstruction, Bronchitis, Emphysema.-Pluses: Umm…it was the cool thing to do in the 60’sAlcohol-175.6 million life time users in us-9.4 million abusers.- 64,000 deaths from harmful drinking (Accidents, Poisoning)-Brain Damage,, Liver Cancer.-Pluses: euphoriaMarijuana-163 million worldwide- Very little deaths from the actual marijuana, 120,000 ER appearances from bad judgement from marijuana.-Affects memory- 1 joint may equal 4 cigarettes, but most smokers smoke way more than 4 cigarettes between the time a casual pot smoker smokes 2 joints.- Causes some similair effects to smokingPluses-Euphoria-Helps depression, Eye problems- No recorded death in history. So..why hasnt the government realized that marijuana is a safer drug then alcohol and tobacco. I hear people say “oh, well less people do alcohol and tobacco, so its better” You know what else less people use that kills more people? Cocaine, Memphanphetamines (spelling sorry), Heroine, all other illegal drugs. Marijuana is the safest out there.I’m not saying the government should legalize marijuana or illegalize alcohol or tobacco, but i think they need to rethink this. If pot was legal, they can make millions offthe tax from it.Thank you for letting me say this….please debate….im am considering writing this up for real…thank you for waiting, you can answer dj_cnja. My original question is if marijuana is illegal, why is alcohol and tobacco, and i ended up getting all this “oh, the U.S. government will lose all its money”
A: Why is Psilocybin mushrooms illegal? They are non-toxic and can have positive life changing spiritual effect on people. Plus Zero lung damage
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