Is codine the same as promethizine

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Promethazine is not the same a Codeine. They are used together for the treatment of coughs and colds. Promethazine is has anti-histaminic, sedative, anti-emetic effects, and Codeine is a narcotic cough suppressant. ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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Is promethazine and codeine the same thing?
Promethazine is a medicine for nausea. Codeine is a narcotic. Different drugs.
Is promethazine with codeine the same as Hydrocodone/ Homatropine…?
Nope. Codeine and hydrocodone are both narcotics, but are different chemically.
Does all Phenergan (Promethazine) w/ Codeine cough syrup taste th…?
Some of the liquid medications come in different flavors. If you don’t like it, you can always get it flavored. If you are getting the generic, different generic houses use different flavorings.
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