Is it bad to take Tylenol and alcohol

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There is evidence of Tylenol use while or after consuming alcohol can contribute to liver failure. [ Source: ]
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When drinking alcohol and taking acetaminophen, what bad reaction…?
Large amounts of alcohol can damage your liver (cirrhosis, or scar-tissue buildup), and large amounts of acetaminophen will do almost identical damage. This can happen if you take steady amounts of either over a very long period, or if you …
Is taking panadol with alcohol bad ?
Panadol being paracetamol…. well alcohol puts pressure on your liver and paracetamol isn’t great for it either, so it’s not something to do if you can avoid it. Heavy drinking with paracetamol might be dangerous. It’s not as bad an idea a…

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I know that if you have a bad liver alcohol and tylenol are not good to take, are any foods bad?any good foods
A: A lot of fatty or greasy foods are bad because they are broken down in the liver before going to the gallbladder. Follow your doctors recommendation’s for diet, which is probably NO ALCOHOL, eat balanced proportioned meals. Ask your DR. what he thinks about using Milk Thistle as a supplement to your diet. It is a plant/herb that is a good cleanser for the liver as well as promotes healthy liver funtion. It can make you sick when first taking it tho as it is cleansing your liver of toxins (that are making you sick).Check with your doctor first as it may not be appropriate in your specific situation.
WHY is it bad to take medicine with alcohol? Im want to take melatonine with beer.?
Q: Why is it bad to take medicine with alcohol? I want to take melatonin but ive been drinking. Is it ok to take it?Also say i was taking tylenol, why is it bad. What does it do? Thanks 🙂
A: its basically called drug-drug interaction…alcohol has some acidic nature and may either change the absorption of ur drug by altering its chemical state or occupying the absorption receptors in also decreases the metabolism of drug in liver..simple dont take drugs with alcohol…
are coffee and tylenol a bad combination?? like alcohol and tylenol are??
A: i have taken tylenol with hot chocolate and that, just like coffee, has caffeine in it. Nothing happened to me so i think it’s pretty safe. It would be unsafe if it was excessive. u know what i mean?
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