Is it normal for your ribs to hurt while sick

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Depending on your particular plague, aching ribs are not common symptoms for most of the typical illnesses. [ Source: ]
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Is it normal for your ribs to hurt while sick
Depending on your particular plague, aching ribs are not common symptoms for most of the typical illnesses.

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Q: i woke up this morning really sick. i feel incredibly weak right now. i think it’s due to not eating enough these past couple days. i know i didn’t. i’ve been that way for a while, but this morning i got myself a normal bowl of cereal and felt sick after getting 2/3 into it. at about 2, i had a smaller bowl. i could finish that. 10 minutes ago or so, i got myself a bowl of cereal about the same size as the one this morning and i couldn’t’ finish it. i got sick of it. i feel very weak. i can’t walk very far with out feeling dizzy and sometimes losing my sight. i threw up a bit this morning, and spent most of the morning and afternoon lying in bed. it took a lot for me to get outta bed onto the computer. when i get up, i don’t feel…right, normal. sitting in the chair feels okay though. i do feel extremely tired, even after spending 14 hours just lying there sleeping and watching movies. the part of me that hurts the most is the bottom of my rib cage, right around the middle. the part of my ribcage above my belly button. what’s wrong with me?thanks. (:
A: im answering ur q. yes it’s normal
why do my ribs hurt? + cold or flu symptoms?
Q: when i breathe in a big breath or lay down breathing or stand up, the middle of my rib on the side hurts. it’s like a whole section of pain, but i’d say some of the pain comes from the side of the body that is near the armpit.i searched some results from other people’s similar questions.some say gallbladder. no, it’s not the bottom of my rib. it’s on my rib.some say it’s fractured rib bone. i didn’t exercise for a week. last sunday, i ran 5 miles, but that’s normal for me.a lot say it’s pregnancy. i’m not pregnant.i caught the cold or flu on friday. dizzy if doing activity for too long. dizzy when walking around. i don’t feel fatigued if i sit down. i feel fatigue walking somewhere or doing something that isn’t sitting down. i cough up mucus, have a very very mild sore throat. my body switches from hot and cold a lot too. sometimes my body feels really hot, and other times, chills, and other times, no temperature difference.i have a hard time to sleep while i’m sick like this. i wake up periodically because i’m sick. i cannot sleep through one night. when i wake up the next morning, i feel like i haven’t slept.i don’t know if writing these symptoms help describe what the rib hurt problem is.or maybe i’m sitting oddly? but i’ve been sitting like this for all my life.i’m not overweight.
A: That’s strange. I am currently suffering from cold/flu symptoms and a chest infection. And I also have quite a sharp pain coming from my ribs. It has started to ease off now, but I have no idea why it started hurting.
is anyone sick of hearing “that’s normal” from their doctor/midwife?
Q: Every time the midwife (say the because I see someone diff every visit) asks me if I have questions and such. Then when I tell her … “my rib has started hurting” “Ive gained 6 lbs in one week is that bad?” “Im having more headaches” “Having problems with my urine” – I get “that’s normal” for EVERYTHING and while Im sure it is UGH….Is there any other response? Is “that’s normal” suppose to calm my concerns? I didnt think gaining 6 lbs ..even water weight in one week was good. and these changes were just in one week, suddenly but everything is always normal. Does anyone wish they’d get a different response from their doctors, there’s other ways of sounding positive…. “that’s normal” just makes me feel blown off…
A: I have three kids and when I went to the Dr. with all of them and had a question and they said “that’s normal” It made me feel better… Sounds like you want something to be wrong with you. I LOVED hearing that my pregnancies were normal and nothing was wrong!!!
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