Is it normal to have numerous miscarriages

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No. The cause of a miscarriage cannot always be determined. ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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Is it normal to have numerous miscarriages
No. The cause of a miscarriage cannot always be determined. ChaCha!

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Is it normal for period symptoms to change throughout the years?
Q: I’ve had my period for about 8 years now, and my symptoms of my period coming have changed numerous times.Previous symptoms used to be breast tenderness, sore lower back, PMS, but now I get crampy about quite a few days days before my period.. I’ve never had this before. I did however have a miscarriage in April which have made my periods very irregular. Anyway, just wondering if people know the causes of this and if what i’m experiencing is normal.Thank you!!
A: Ever heard about consulting a doctor?
Mid-Term Miscarriages….Desperate for Answers?
Q: I’m 34 and have had numerous miscarriages over the years…all of them starting with my water breaking at 17 weeks exactly then labor being induced because the baby could survive without the amniotic fluids. I’m never dialated when my water breaks so it’s not my cervix. The doctors have run many tests and everything shows normal but obviously something is wrong. Has anyone else experienced this or do you know anyone who has? Any suggestions on what it might be. Giving birth to these babies at 17 is emotionally traumatic and I’m afraid of trying to get pregnant again. I would really appreciate any information you might have.
A: I’m so sorry for what you’ve been through – I cannot imagine carrying the baby for that length of time and then losing it….and going through the heartbreak again!Repeated late miscarriages are usually caused by structural abnormalities like incompetent cervix. Since you’ve had that checked out, I would look at other causes like metabolic diseases (such as diabetes) or vaginal infections or even cancer, all of which can cause fetal death. Rarely, late miscarriages can also be caused by a malfunction in the mother’s immune system or disorders like antiphospholipid syndrome.Bloodwork and other special testing may be necessary to get to the bottom of this mystery.Have you considered seeing a high-risk OB or a perinatologist? Late miscarriages are a whole different ballgame than early miscarriages and should be looked into by a specialist.My prayers are with you.
Low Progesterone & 3!?!?
Q: I have suffered 3 miscarriages, after numerous tests, and everything you can imagine from antiphospholipid to karyotyping (all coming back normal)… finally with a hysterosalpingogram my Dr found that my right “side” was blocked. After several more blood tests, I was diagnosed with abnoramlly low progesterone levels. He feels confident this is the route of my miscarriage issues, and is talking about giving me progesterone “supplements”. I’ve looked it up online, and now don’t know WHAT to think.. 1/2 the things say it won’t make a difference, the other 1/2 say it does… ANYONE out there with a similar experience that can shed a little light on this? I am heart broken, and want a child more than anything, but don’t want to invest all my hope in something that may not help me at all. … Help please !!!P.S- there is no infertility issues, I get pregnant REALLY easy, I just can’t seem to carry them…and all other tests came back A-Okay, the ONLY thing they can find is the low prog.
A: Hi there,Here’s the deal. If low progesterone is the cause of your early miscarriages, taking progesterone treatment DOES work. But please, do not treat yourself with over the counter remedies. This is a serious issue and you need to be treated by a doctor. Progesterone treatment comes in 4 forms: skin creams, injection, pills, and vaginal suppositories. Your doctor can determine which is best for you.Progesterone is responsible for sustaining and supporting pregnancy. Women with low progesterone can GET pregnant, they just don’t STAY pregnant. Progesterone treatments will be needed during early pregnancy until after the 1st trimester when the placenta takes over. It sounds very much like this has been the problem. Unfortunately, it wasn’t diagnosed sooner. But with treatment, your chances are excellent of having a healthy pregnancy next time around.Good luck!
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