Is it possible for babies not to cry when they are born

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Probably not. In the womb, they are breathing fluid, not air. It’s also a lot warmer in there. Crying is a reaction to this change [ Source: ]
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Is it possible for babies not to cry when they are born
Probably not. In the womb, they are breathing fluid, not air. It’s also a lot warmer in there. Crying is a reaction to this change

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Can babies cry before they are fully born?
Q: Can babies cry before they are fully born? Meaning, can they cry even if just the head is out? I know they are still breathing through the umbilical cord, but they usually make faces and try to cry…do they succeed sometimes, or is it not possible?
A: Babies can’t breathe until at least their chest has come out of the birth canal. They are squeezed too much to expand their lungs while being born.The umbilical cord supplies all of a baby’s needs until birth, then it’s functioning tapers off gradually until it is no longer pulsing and the baby is truly independent. But even though the umbilical cords continues to provide some oxygen for a few minutes after birth, the baby still needs to breathe on its own as soon as possible (within a minute at most) to prevent problems with oxygen deprivation.
Is it possible that my baby cries just to cry…?
Q: Some of you mommies are going to think that this is absolutely absurd.. but hear me out.. and then you can bash me. 🙂 I have heard over and over again from people on here that babies always cry for a reason.. and to never let them cry.. but I think my kiddo may be an exception. My daughter was born with allergies to milk and soy (not born with.. but developed soon after birth.) This is not speculation because she was intolerant of formulas and breast milk.. I actually had her tested by an allergist. I was and still am allergic to both as well. She also had reflux… projectile throw-up… couldn’t lay flat without gagging.. etc. Obviously.. she was miserable for about 7 weeks until we got everything figured out and under control. During this time… she cried almost constantly so I became very aware of her cries. I knew when she was in pain.. I knew when she was hungry… I knew when she had a wet diaper.. etc. She had very distinguished cries. We finally got her on a formula that she could tolerate and she is taking Prevacid for her reflux. She seems soooo much better. The painful crying has stopped almost completely since making these changes. She still whines ALL OF THE TIME though. I say whine because I don’t know what else to call it. It is a light cry… no tears… just noise and a red face. 🙂 She isn’t in pain.. she isn’t hungry… she isn’t wet.. etc… she isn’t overly tired. She isn’t cold, hot, or sick. She lets me know when any of these other things are the problem. I have tried swaddling, not swaddling, rocking, walking and bouncing, vibrating chair, swing, everything! Some of these things she does enjoy… just not when she is doing her whine. In other words, nothing soothes this whine of hers. I am beginning to think that since she cried constantly for the first 7 weeks of her life because of pain that she grew used to it and now she uses it to soothe or entertain herself. I know that sounds crazy but for instance.. I try to rock her to sleep and she SCREAMS. I try to put her in her swing to put herself to sleep and she SCREAMS. I lay her in her crib (which she loves to sleep in…) and she cries (her light cry) for about 3 minutes and then she is out for the night. I try to comfort her but she doesn’t want it. I am running around in circles here with my explanations. Is there anything I am not thinking of…? Or is it possible that she uses crying to soothe herself (to sleep.. or when she is bored…) and she isn’t really upset at all…? I don’t want for her to be upset.. I am not a fan of CIO at all. I want my baby to feel comforted all of the time. She doesn’t want comfort though… she wants to cry.. HELP!! I feel like I am doing something wrong. Also.. she is healthy.. sleeps well.. eats well.. and smiles very regularly at me (sometimes while crying). Sorry so long but I wanted to let you guys know what all was going on before trying to help…
A: Of course, baby’s are smart. Ebony cries all the time just to hear herself. At night she’ll start to fall asleep so she starts to cry to keep herself awake.When she want’s something her cry is different. Your her mum so you would know 🙂
Can babies make sounds when they are still in the womb?`?
Q: Babies come out screaming sometimes, and I just wondered if they were already crying sometimes inside our womb, but we just don’t know it because they’re in there…is it possible for them to make sounds before they are born?
A: The answer to this question would be more then likely no, a baby practices breathing, but is breathing fluid not air, they cry when born to get the fluid out of their lungs, this is the reason back in the old days if the baby wasn’t crying they would smack it on the bum to make it cry. Some babies that have trouble breathing they are sucioned to remove all fluid and gunk, my daughter cried after birth but didn’t scream just a wimper it wasn’t till hours later whn I said she wasn’t feeding properly they sucioned her and got a heap of fluid out then she was feeding well. After birth a baby will cry as its the only way of comunacation, you will get to know your babys crys and after a month or so will be able to know what they want by listen to the cry. Good luck.
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