Is the plan B pill over the counter

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The FDA has approved Plan B, the morning-after emergency contraceptive, to be sold without prescription to women age 18 and older. [ Source: ]
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Where can I buy the plan b morning after pill over the counter??
it is safe to use under 18, but if you’re under 18 you need a parent or someone over 18 to buy it for you. you can get it at most pharmacies and it costs about $45. the sooner you take it after unprotected sex, the better it works, up to 72…
How much is the morning after pill(plan B) over the counter at a …?
i paid $45 for mine at Walgreens. they range in prices. also i would tell your doctor just in case. if they do a urine or blood sample they would want to know in case it shows up in the profile. good luck.
Are Birth Control Pills(plan B) over the counter??
From my understanding you should be able to purchase that without a prescription. More than likely though it’s behind the pharmacy counter so you’ll have to wait till morning. Not sure but you may have to be 18 to buy it. For some reason so…

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If Plan B pill is now over the counter,how often can you take it?What are the affects?
Q: On the news they were saying that Plan B pill was now more easy to get over the counter,so basically now you can just have sex and any slip just go get the pill and your done,right?I know it’s a drug so how often can someone take it without suffering any long term affects?What are the affects of it after several times of taken this pill?
A: its called plan b for a reason…..its not a frickin birth control pill, so dont plan to go crazy on it. PLUS im sure its not gonna be cheap either. it wasnt cheap when it was sold with a prescription let alone now that its over the counter. be responsible, use a condom or birth control pills and dont look at this as a form to avoid babies, bc if u avoid them long enough especially if u dont know ur facts, u’ll have a harder time in the future getting pregnant when ur ready to….be careful.
Is the Plan B pill over the counter in Florida?
Q: If so, does anyone know how much it cost?
A: As far as I know, Plan B is for sale all over the US at most drug stores. Cost, maybe $35-$45
Plan-B Pill Over-The-Counter Age In Holland?
Q: Hey.I’m wondering what age you have to be to buy Plan-B (Morning-After) Pills over-the-counter in Holland without needing a prescription, or parental consent, and I would be grateful if you could tell me an *approximate* cost. Thank you all.-Jaz.
A: Actually one correction – the morning after pill is available in the Netherlands as an “over the counter” purchase, (since 2005) and so a doctor’s prescription is not necessary. The brand name is NorLevoActually (at least in Etos where I saw it recently) it is not even behind the counter – but just on the shelf with other pregnancy & contraception related products. I was also a little surprised that it was so ‘available’.Pricewise -I don’t remember as I didn’t look too closely, but checking on online chemists (which is a guide only and not necessarily the same as in-store purchases) it is around €15I am guessing that you are fairly young from your question and details. Therefore I do have to agree with Willeke, that perhaps you can take this potential scare as an opportunity to take protection – e.g. ideally condoms, and if you are in a strong relationship then the normal pill. The doctor can perscribe this confidentially to you. One other point – if you do not read Dutch then try to find someone to read the documentation that comes with NorLevo. It is important to take any kind of pills correctly and to check the counter actions (e.g. taken in combination with other medicines, or high blood pressure etc etc)EDIT – Jaz I saw your other question–&paid=voted and realise that you are planning to use this as a form of contraception. Honey, if you are not in a commited relationship then pls pls use condoms. Pregnancy is one issue,but an STD is another real issue in this day and age. There are many forms and just safe sex where you are not worried about getting pregnant or an STD is much more enjoyable than a dislike of a condomApart from being an expensive method, the research has not been done on using it as a method,but there are major concerns over the effect on hormone levels and fertilaty (not good news if you are young and would want to have children in the future), ectopic pregnancies (life threatening if rupturing) and more less harmful side effects.If you are in a relationship then pop into the doctors to discuss a method suitable to you, e.g. the regular pill, or injection (once every 3 months) etc.
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