Is the spinal tap dangerous

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Although infrequent, several complications can occur as a result of a spinal tap,such as headaches,herniation,injury to blood vessels,or an Epidermoid cyst.Please text again soon! [ Source: ]
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How dangerous is a spinal tap for a 2 day year old infant??
I had a spinal tap for myself to find out if I had MS. I

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How dangerous is a spinal tap for a 2 day year old infant?
A: I had a spinal tap for myself to find out if I had MS. Ican tell you this much. I am an athlete that is used to painand the spinal tap ranks up there near the top. But I foundout the answer to my problems but have not been given anysolutions for that problem. Your 2 year old will cry for days and it will be extremely sensitive for days. He can’t be that bad at 2.
Why did the awesome metal parody band name themselves “Spinal Tap”?
Q: I can’t find a correlation or a reason for them taking the name of a medical procedure. Is a spinal tap extremely painful? Dangerous? (not from what I’ve read)Regardless of their origin, the movie is, without a doubt, one of the greatest comedies of all time, and second in the comedy/musical category, right behind Cannibal: The Musical!.
A: Spinal Tap was formed in 1964 by David St. Hubbins and Nigel Tufnel. Prior to 1964, Nigel was in a band called “The Lovely Lads”. David was in a band called “The Creatures”. They met while jamming outside a London subway station. They called their band “The Originals”. However, they quickly discovered there was already a band on London’s east end calling themselves that. So they renamed their band “The New Originals”. Shortly after changing their name, the original The Originals changed their name to The Regulars. The New Originals, unable to get signed, fell apart. Before David and Nigel could part ways, a band called the Johnny Goodshow Revue hired them to tour English sea-side resorts. They toured as The Thamesmen. In 1965 they got a gig touring the Benelux nations and changed their name to The Dutchmen. After the tour, they went on a name changing orgy. They changed their band name to: Rave Breakers Hellcats Flamin’ Daemons Shiners Mondos The Doppel Gang The Peoples Loose Lips Waffle Hot Waffles Silver Service Love Bisquits Bisquits The Mud Below The Tufnel-St. Hubbins Group In December 1966 they settled on Spinal Tap, which they assumed was a misspelling of “Spynal Tap”. It was fashionable in the mid-’60s to name bands with cute misspellings. For example The Bee(a)tles. However, only later did the band find out, according to bass player Derek Smalls “we spelled it right by mistake.” In the ’70s, the band had to temporarily change its name to Anthem and The Cadburys due to legal troubles with its record label. In 1982, Nigel quit the band and Spinal Tap was forced to call themselves Spinal Tap Mark II.
Leaking spinal fluid…is this dangerous????
Q: I had a spinal tap done 5 days ago to rule out meningitis. the results were negative thank God, but ive had an incredibly bad headache. i went back to the ER 2 days ago, and they told me i was leaking spinal fluid, and to lay flat for 2 or 3 days and then come back if I’m still in pain. ( as this would mean it’s still leaking) I still am, i can’t stand or sit for more than 10 minutes without having to lie down due to the pain in my head and lower back. is it dangerous for it to be leaking this long???
A: I had the same problem a few years ago and I actually suffered with the headache for 2 weeks. The pain is caused by pressure from the brain actually sagging due to the spinal fluid leaking. The leak can repair itself, usually in a few days normally. Mine was at the two week point with no signs of going away so I went back to the hospital and told them to get me the head anesthesiologist and I told him I wanted what they call a “blood patch” done. (I’m in Nursing) what they to is they take 6-8 CC’s of blood from your arm with a large syringe and they then redo your spinal tap and inject the blood that they took from your arm into your leaking spinal column. It sounds horrible but believe me, it is so worth it. When they start to inject it your hips will feel a lot of pressure but try to withstand it as long as possible to ensure they get enough blood in to fill the void. Your major migraine will disappear instantly. Good luck! If you have any other questions drop me a line.
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