IS there a way to get THC out of your system fast

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Drink 12 to 16oz of water at most every hour. This will make you pee more, but won’t over do it. The day of testing and maybe [ Source: ]
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What is the fastest way to get THC out of your system?
i would say drink 2 gallons of water before you take the test…it floods your stomach and your body doesn’t have enough time to let the THC soak into the water
What is the fastest way to get thc out of my system??
Depending on dosage it has a half life of 1.6-59 hours! It is water soluble and is mainly excreted via faeces (65-80%) and urine. Though there is no recommended “antidote” for THC extra fluids should help. THC user folklore sugges…
What si the fasts way to get thc out of your system
Drink a lot of water, exercise and pee. Go to your local health/natural food mart and buy some Herbal Clean, or ask the sales clerk for detox tea- follow the directions (usually drink about 1-3 hours before your whiz quiz). Good luck bro.

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Are there any ways to get THC out of your system faster?
Q: I know that THC clings to fat cells but im and healthy and athletic and have a body fat percentage of 11%. I also excercise heavily 2-3 times a week. Are their any other ways to speed up detoxing your system of THC. I have an NCAA test in 2 weeks. Please help!!!
A: Drink lots of water. There are also kits you can buy that supposedly get it out faster. I don’t know if they actually work.Also, if you post your question as marijuana, pot, weed, etc. you’ll probably get more answers. More people will know it by those names than by THC.
does anyone know good ways to get THC out of your system fast?
Q: i already know basic stuuf liek drink lots of water, or take niacien and work out, but are there any other ways?
A: better head to a head shop sweety..they know how to hook you up………..
How do you get a lot of THC out of your system fast?
Q: Also is it possible to get more than 30 straight days out in time.Could starving possibly help me?(2 days?)And if this helps: I’m one of those really skinny guys with hardly any fat on me I only weigh about 120-128 at max. I’m also 5′ 5 “.The idea on starving is that it would burn what fat i do have in me since THC sticks to that junk.
A: You can buy detox kits and stuff from the store.. Like a drug store or something. Drink a lot of water, like a lot – 10 glasses a day. Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables because they cleanse your system naturally, as well as cranberry juice-it cleanses.
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