Is there any cure for lazy eye

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Surgery may be performed on the eye muscles to straighten the eyes if non-surgical means are unsuccessful. Surgery can help in the treatment of amblyopia by allowing the eyes to work together better. [ Source: ]
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Is there any cure for lazy eye?
yes there are some corrective measures that you as a parent could do. First, for all your concerns i would go seek a professional for their input, preferably your child’s optometrist… the earlier its treated the better chances of it being…
Can you cure a lazy eye in an adult?
To correct amblyopia, the blurry eye must first be forced to work in order to allow the opportunity for clear vision to develop. This is usually done by patching the clear eye for specific periods of time, forcing the blurry eye to “tu…
Can Prozac Cure Lazy Eye?
According to new research prozac, the popular antidepressant, might also be effective in the treatment of “lazy eye”or amblyopia, especially in adults. Prozac can rejuvenate nerve cells linked to vision in the brains of adults. Am…

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Is there any cure for lazy eye/amblyopia?
Q: For an adult (past childhood/teen years), can a lazy eye be rebilitated into a normal eye?
A: Yes, although the treatment is kind of strange. Check with an optometrist first though: If you already wear glasses, use black electrical tape to cover the lens of the “good” eye and wear it as often as possible. This will train your lazy eye to correct itself. If you do not wear glasses, then another method would be an eye patch. These can be purchased at most drug stores, or at this time of year, costume shops. I know 3 people who have used this method and it has worked. Please check with an eye care specialist first though to be sure that there is not an underlying cause such as a tumor.
Is there any cure for amblyopia “Lazy Eye” ?
Q: I am 24 and have a lazy eye. my vision is 20/20-20/100. and I want my eye back. is there any hope. please help ur answers/advice is highly appriciated.
A: Since strabismus may be the result of serious ocular or neurologic disease,complete examination of the eyes and neurologis status of the patient ,regardless of age ,is mandatory Ocular deviation should be investigated shortly after birth. Early treatment of amblyopia by patching the normal eye may result in improved vision. If muscle imbalance alone is responsible,strabismus should be treated early with corrective glasses or contact lenses, eye excercises ,or surgical restoration of muscle balance.. Permanent loss of vision can occur if the condition is not treated before the age.of 4 to 6 years.
I have lazy eye. Is there any cure for it?
Q: how long will it take? I’ve had lazy eye since I was like 5 or 6. I’m 14 now. I”ve seen eye doctor before and they just give me glasses. I hate wearing glasses. Which would cure it faster a patch or glasses, or is there a better cure for it?
A: Patching will not help your lazy eye at this age, This is only effective up to the age of 7 or 8 years. Unfortunately, this means that your eye will always remain the same. All you can do is continue to wear the glasses your optician prescribes to correct your vision as best as it can be
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