Is there such thing as a morning after pill

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Yes, the morning-after pill stops you from becoming pregnant if contraception failed or wasn’t used. Thanks for using ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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Is there such a thing as a morning after pill for a dog that has …?
There is a shot called the “mis-match” shot, but it’s not without it’s side effects since it’s an overload of hormones. Check with your vet to see what your opitions are, spaying will prevent any unwanted litters, and you don’t ha…
Is there such a thing as a morning after pill for dogs and is it …?
Marion, there is a pill called Diethylstilbestrol (DES) that is used for other medical issues but is capable of causing an abortion in a dog. It is not the most reliable of methods and as far as I know, most vets will not prescribe it for t…

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is there such a thing as a morning after pill for a dog that has been caught up?
Q: my dog has gotten caught up with a male dog. Even after our diligently trying to keep her away from him.
A: There is a shot called the “mis-match” shot, but it’s not without it’s side effects since it’s an overload of hormones.Check with your vet to see what your opitions are, spaying will prevent any unwanted litters, and you don’t have to worry about heat cycles again.
Is there such a thing as a daily pill box (morn/noon/eve/bed) that has an alarm reminder? If so read on…?
Q: I don’t know that it exists. But it would be so helpful if I could find a pill box (a week worth, each day having Morning, noon, evening & night), that had a reminder alarm, to remind the person to take the medication. Also, are there any pill boxes that have locks on them (preventing someone else from getting into the medication)? It would be awesome if I could find a pill box, with an alarm reminder & a lock on each of the compartments, that only popped open when it was time for it. I know someone who can’t take their medication right. Someone is always trying to get their nerve medication. Not only that, but the lady is elderly & sometimes takes her medication at the wrong times. If there were a pill box that had a reminder alarm on it (that locked), then the compartment set up w/that alarm time, popped open at the right time, I believe that would help so many people take their medication more appropriately & w/out having it stolen. Is there something like this, at all, around?
A: I have never seen such a thing but I would really appreciate this item myself. I remember better now that I have a pill box to take some of my medicine but I still forget often. I don’t have to wory about anyone stealing my meds but I do often forget them.
Is there such thing as caster oil pill?
Q: Befor i being PLEASEEEE don’t comment on how bad the caster oil pill is. Or how dumb my doctor is. these are Strict directions with monitored results. We are being as safe as possible!I have been getting bad contractions for about a week. they continue to get closer together every day and are now under 10. since yesterday morning. It is not doing anything for my cervix. i am only 1/2 cm. dialted and the contractions are horrible. my baby is also quite large. My doctor gave me STRCIT instructions after looking into myself, and the babies health, to take caster oil JUST enough to maybe get things movning along. (and for the info, my baby is more than ready to come out my doctor has stated..i am due!)the only problem is i can not stomach caster oil…at all! befor i call my doctor, does ANYONE know if there is a caster oil pill? i have heard there was but i do not know where i could find it. please help me!!!This is frustrating!!!!My doctor does not want to induce me unless i really have to, because of medical problems. thanks.And i dont care what caster oil does. we have taken care of that. i already know what it does. and all other things to try adn induce labor does not work for us!I’m only asking if u know about the pill or not…thats it..
A: Umm, not to go against what your doctor says, but he sounds like a quake. I would highly recommend going to someone who knows “reflexology” and ask them to work your pitutitary pressure point and other pressure points on your feet that release hormones to help bring on contractions… also, sex helps to ripen your cervix (well, semen does)… nipple stimulation and orgasms can help with causing contractions…I would avoid the castor oil because it is know to cause the baby to pass his/her miconium and the baby ultimately could end up with respritory problems from inhaling it. Honestly, I would avoid castor oil, even the pills. A laxative’s a laxative and most likely will just give you cramping from diarrhea to go along with your contractions… ADD: I know you are frusterated, but honestly, unless it’s medically necessary, try to wait on your body to do it naturally. Things progress so crazily during each pregnancy/labor and honestly, it’s not worth risking the baby’s health on something that doesn’t really do any good to cause labor. Have you tried reflexology? It caused my aunt to go into labor within just hours and she had her baby the following night… honestly, you should try that because it naturally releases the hormones your body need to bring on labor. I’m not disputing what you’re saying, but the one thing I can’t help but think is it’s odd that a doctor would suggest something that isn’t medically sound and could harm the baby. Maybe go to a health food or holistic store and speak with the employees, ask if there aren’t any herbs that help induce labor. Look them up online and if there are any, I would try those…
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