Is vitamin E good for scars

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Many researches conducted till now have proved positive for curing acne using vitamin E. Try vitamin E and you will get results. [ Source: ]
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Is Vitamin e oil good for scars and age lines?
Yes, vitamin E is great for the skin, if you do the same will you get the same results? Maybe, but there’s no guarantee, you also need to use a high SPF to protect yourself from the sun and be blessed with some damn good DNA.
Is vitamin E good for scar?many websites write that studies have …?
different skin types are more prone to visible scar tissue than others, if your body is lacking in vitamin E it will leave scars easier. you can never completely get rid of scars, the only thing you can do is reduce them. vitamin E does not…
How many IU Vitamin E is good to get rid of red scars??
I’ve been using Vitamin E and Hydroquinone for six months now with NO results. What do I do? Do I need to get laser surgery? Is my skin damaged, and is that why it’s not working?

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I use lemon juice in evening,vitamin e oil over night to treat some acne scars – good or counterproductive?
Q: Looking for informed answers if possible.I am using them to treat a few acne scars but just need to know if using them both is sensible every evening and night?.I do rinse lemon juice off before applying vitamin e oil and I am seeing improvement but I dont want to do more harm than good.Thanks.
A: I have never heard of the lemon juice thing. Maybe you could try a fade cream. I would just search for it. I have been using AMBI skin cream for the last few weeks. I havent seen a huge result yet but I havent been using it for long. It does say that it is for women of color like hispanic or black. I am mixed my skin isnt dark, so i may try regular fade cream. I would search for it. But look up the ambi sit. they have alot of good products, I bought mine at
Does anyone know of a good cream or product that to help heal scars? Vitamin e??
Q: Hi there. Basically I have some marks on my face mainly around my chin that I can only guess are the result of spots that Ive picked at and thus caused a scar. I really want to try and get rid of them or make them less obvious and Ive heard that vitamin e is good for that. Does anyone know of or has used a cream or product that either contains vitamin e or does the job? Any advice appreciated.
A: for the face? no ponly soem creams can ‘lighten’ them a little but facial scars and old scars can’t be healed unless you have a profession laser treatment or something like that.
vitamin e capsules good for acne scars?
Q: will vitamin e capsules work good for acne scars by taking it by mouth? my mom has some.
A: No, you want to use a pin to “pop” open the capsule, and apply it to the scars 2x a day!
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