What about mole on your cheek

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A mole is an abnormal collection of pigment cells present within the skin. They have no particular meaning. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-about-mole-on-your-cheek ]
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What about mole on your cheek
A mole is an abnormal collection of pigment cells present within the skin. They have no particular meaning.
Can this flat mole on my cheek be removed with a laser??
well the easiest way is to have them shave it off. plus it would be cheaper and insurance would cover all but your deductible or copay if your deductible has been reached. if your physician refers you to a dermatologist it will be cheaper t…
Could I remove this flat mole from my cheek?
It will leave a scar of some type.

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Very serious question about a mole on my daughters cheek?
Q: My 15yr old daughter has a mole on her cheek. Yesterday she was saying that it was starting to hurt her today now it has started to bleed. Is this serious and should i get it checked out?
A: yes you should take her to the doctor if only for some guidance.. there are creams that may help.. it may just need a local antibiotic cream. dont panic and dont worry your daughter it will be fine its probably nothing
How do you get rid of a medium sized mole on your cheek?
Q: I am 13 years old and am sick of looking in the mirror and having this nasty thing staring right back at me. I have been teased about it but there is nothing that I could do about it. PLEASE HELP!!
A: Go talk to a dermatologist..he could tell you if he can remove it..and if there would be a scar or not..alot of people get them remove and you can never tell they ever had one..good luck
is a mole on your cheek about 8mm in diameter sexy?
Q: its flat in the middle of left cheek and a little below my lips
A: There was a girl at my school with almost the same mark as you described and she was considered one of the hottest girls in my grade. It’s going to also depend on what your face looks like too because many times these are called beauty marks, the girl I knew was also very tan and I think that helped out a lot because there wasn’t a huge contrast.
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