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Medicaid and private health insurance may cover Depo-Provera(a birth control shot). ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-about-the-shot ]
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The issue is how to determine if the bullet cuts the line? First off, it has to be the BULLET hole that cuts the line, NOT a tear in the paper. Realize that the quality of the bullet hole is directly dependent on the quality of paper being…
Bow hunting. However it’s still too warm yet. Set up the ground blind yesterday for shot gun season. I use an 870 with smoothbore barrel & Winchester Foster slugs. I shot the newer 1700 fps variety yesterday & was very impressed wit…
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If a person is shot in temple up close with a handgun What happens to the body?
Q: I need detail for a book I’m writing. I’m looking to see which way the body would initially jerk. Would blood splatter or ooze out? Would the body convulse assuming the person is dead. Thanks
A: As far as my being a funeral director/embalmer; I have seen several different scenarios. What you would need to do is contact your local homicide department or talk with your county medical examiner. Someone who has been closely trained with noticing the direction of splatter marks. It also depends on the caliber of the bullet and how far the gun is being held from the head. Not all bullets shot into the head have an exit wound either. Take care and good luck with your book.Check out Stiff:The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers by Mary Roach. A very interesting read.
What kind of shot was the doctor talking about?
Q: I may have a blighted ovum and the minutes are creeping by waiting for my next ultrasound. I went to a new OB/GYN and she sent me out to get a blood test to find out my blood type.She mentioned that if I have a certain blood type I need to get a shot to prevent a miscarriage from happening next time. I’ve never heard of this before I can’t remember what blood type she said. What kind of shot is she talking about?
A: The name of the shot is RhoGam. The blood type is RH- factor that can affect the baby if it has RH+ blood. Your body will start attacking the baby because it considers it to be foreign because of the different blood types. The first baby is usually not affected but the second child is usually at risk. Go to google and type in Rh incompatibility and it will list a lot of different websites to explain it better to you. Hope this helps.
Where to find information about a person being shot due to a facebook application?
Q: A few people informed me that this was in the news; someone getting mad at another on a FB game – they then found them in real life and shot them. Does anyone have a link to a news report about this?
A: yes its. more detail you can see at http://www.facebookster.com
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