What age do you stop getting taller

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Girls reach their full height when they are about 18 years old, but boys keep growing taller for a few more years. ChaCha all day! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-age-do-you-stop-getting-taller ]
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What age does te average girl stop getting taller?
Generally girls stop growing as freshman in high school.
It’s very difficult to know when you’ll stop growing. I stopped at 13 yrs and am 6’2″, but some keep growing til they’re about 20.
What’s the average age of teen girls when they stop getting talle…?
I went to the doctors office once and she told me that girls usally stop growing 2 years after there period starts, but thats no garentee that they will still grow during those 2 years, so they might have had a later period than you.

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What age girls stop getting taller?
Q: At what age approx do girls stop getting taller?
A: Somewhere around when their a teenagerx
Do guys stop getting taller at the age of 18 or 21?
Q: I’ve heard several things, and it all depends on genes too, but on average when do guys stop getting taller?
A: Guys can grow through their college years, so 21 is probably right. The growth between 18 and 21 is more subtle than the growth during the teenage years, but it’s there.
When do boys stop getting taller? what age? ?
Q: my brother is very very short ( 13 years old) but everything else is growing, what’s wrong with him? he is short for boys his age and he has pimples all over his face and his voice is changing also behaviour as a teenWhen do boys stop getting any taller what age?I’m worried about him
A: He may be a late bloomer.Most medics agree that the average male stops growing at the age of 21. So relax….if by age 17 the situation is the same….then you can worry
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