What antibiotic is used for bladder infections

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There are several antibiotics that are used for bladder infections including Ciloxan, Levofloxacin, Quixin, Levaguin,…More? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-antibiotic-is-used-for-bladder-infections ]
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What Kind of Antibiotics are Used for Bladder Infection??
The commonly known antibiotics used for bladder infection include: ・ Amoxicillin or Augmentin Cephalosporins Doripenem Doxycycline Nitrofurantoin Sulfa drugs(sulfonamides) … ・ Bacampicillin Ceclor Ceftin Cipro Cephalexin Cloxacillin Floxi…
What Antibiotics Cure a Bladder Infection?
Bladder infections (also known as urinary tract infections or cystitis) are an inflammation of the urinary system. They are caused by the spread of bacteria normally found on the skin or in the…
Take it from me, someone who has been dealing with bladder infections since birth. Azo will not treat a bladder infection. Only antibiotics will treat a bladder infection. And if you think you have one you need to get to the doctor asap. Bl…

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can doxycycline antibiotic be used for bladder infection?
Q: i am just wondering if this antibiotic can be used for bladder/kidney infection. I was perscribed this for a different but i have a recurrent bladder infection that i am hoping will clear up with this antibiotic. If anyone has any information about it please let me know.
A: No. It is unlikely to be effective. By far the most common bacteria that causes UTI (urinary tract infection) is E. coli. Sulfa (Bactrim, Septra), nitrofurantoin (Macrodantin), Ampicillin, and ciprofloaxacin (Cipro) are prescribed to treat bladder infection (UTI). Doxycycline is ineffective against E. coli and most UTIs.The best way to be sure (but most expensive) is to go to the doctor and get a urinalysis to confirm that it’s a bladder infection and to have a urine Culture and Sensitivity sent off. The C & S will tell your doctor what the exact bacterial culprit is (usually E.coli but there are others) and what antibiotic will work against the specific bacterial infection you have.A lot of docs will just prescribe one of the antibiotics above without adding the expense of a C & S, since E. coli is the cause over 90% of the time.If you have a good relationship with your doc and they know your history well, they sometimes will be willing to call in one of the antibiotics without seeing you (you can save the $ on the office visit). Others will you require you to come in for history, exam, to establish a record of the encounter, and then will prescribe an appropriate antibiotic, broad sprectrum from one of the above effective against E. coli, or with the guidance of a urine C & S Good luck.
can I give macrodantin (antibiotic usu. used for treating bladder infections) to my cat for an abscess?
A: Macrodantin = nitrofurantion. Normally given for resistant urinary tract infections caused by staph, E. coli, and strep.Most common bacteria in abscess = staph. Cat dosage is 4.4mg per 2.5 lbs body weight. (10 lb cat = 17.6mg). This isn’t much. Without proper sized med it would be very easy to overdose your cat.If you are sure your cat has not fought with a wild animal, a better plan would be to clean infected area with hydrogen peroxide twice a day and monitor cat. If no improvement in couple of days, see a vet for proper med. In this case, most likely, cephalosporin. If this is from a wild animal, go to vet now.
Should Omincef antibiotic be used to treat a bladder infection?
Q: Should Omincef antibiotic be used to treat a bladder infection?My daughter had has a prior bladder infection and now is having all the same symptoms again. We have almost 10 days of Omnicef that we just got about 6 weeks ago when she had a bout with mono, but the doc changed her off of it because she said it made her nausuous. Can I try the Omnicef for a few days to see if relieves the bladder infection symptoms and then take her to doctor if it does not?
A: thats a bad idea. you need to start a person on a full dose of antibiotics and keep them on it until they are done. when a person doesnt do this most of the bacteria are killed off but some remain. those remaining will continue to grow and become resistant to the antibiotic. take her to the doctor and get something else. i reccomend cipro. its stronger but it will def heal the infection. leave the omnicef alone and go to the doctor now. the omnicef makes her feel sick anyways, dont give it to her.
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