What Any tips to stay awake

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Ingesting highly-caffeinated substances is the obvious way to stay awake. Or get something to keep you entertained and interested. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-any-tips-to-stay-awake ]
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What are some tips to stay awake?
When I was a toddler and had to be kept awake all night. The nurse walked me all night. You could get a friend to walk you. A few months ago I had to stay awake for a medical test. No caffeine or stimulants allowed. I played video games, at…
Do you have Some tips to stay awake for longer hours?
see your board exams are from 3 march and very less time left for final showdown and your eye infection is creating probelem in your study dont think that studing early in the morning make u score well do effective study that means whatever…
Does driving make you sleepy (and stay awake tips)?
Driving does not make me sleepy. Of course, I am not now driving long distances on a regular basis on short sleep. Years ago, I used to work for a company with a main office in NYC (I’m in the Boston area). I used to drive back and forth be…

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I need to stay Awake for the next 35hrs? Any Help Tips to stay awake?
Q: The last time i was asleep was 24hrs agoand now im in 26 hour of now sleep. I need tips to stay awake for the next 7hrs. I hate redbulls so please dont say that. Please help i need to stay awake to finish my Senior Project turn it in and still stay for a 2 hour class. HELPPPPPPP.
A: Fresh air, preferably cool or cold. A cold, wet cloth to (gently)slap over your eyes…Or a 20 min. power nap would do you good. Best of luck on your project!
Any tips to stay awake and have more energy?
Q: I didn’t get a lot of sleep lastnight but I need to stay awake today. Any suggestions ? Thanks 🙂
A: coffee and when you start to feel drowzy, put cold water on your face. it seriously works
Any tips on how to stay awake during pregnancy fatigue?
Q: I’m currently 28 weeks pregnant and I’m trying my hardest to work up until I deliver end of April. I have a desk job so I am sitting for 75% of the day and always have enough to do. I’ve been really struggling staying awake and alert the last few weeks and have been trying to drink lots of water and get up and down more but I seem to just be getting more tired. Anyone have any other tips I could try? Thanks in advance!
A: I try to drink really cold water when I get that mid day exhaustion. It does help a bit. Also, try to relax at home and go to bed as early as you can to get to get LOTS of rest. Good Luck!
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