What are braces

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Braces are an appliance that corrects dental irregularities. Thanks for asking ChaCha and have a good evening. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-braces ]
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Kidney stones are a urological disorder that can be extremely painful and that causes many people to visit the doctor or emergency room for treatment. It is a common problem, and in most cases the…
Braces are a system of brackets that are bonded to teeth and hold interconnecting wires. The wires used today, made of a nickel-titanium, are generally thinner and more resilient than those used in previous years, shortening treatment time …
They fix imperfections with your teeth. Braces could help, I’m pretty sure. But theyre awfully expensive if you can’t see the crooked teeth. Maybe you could go for retainers, ask your orthodontist to be sure =) And yes, I know what you mean…

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Are ceramic braces really more fragile than metal ones?
Q: My orthodontist says that they are the same and the only difference is the material. Is this true? Some of the sites in the internet aren’t updated so most of them say that it is more fragile. However, I have heard that developments over the years have improve. Please give me feedback about ceramic braces since I am having them next week.
A: Yes, those are more fragile. Those also get stained easily.
What are good colours for braces?
Q: I am getting braces in 1 week and I want to know what colours would look good.
A: This question gets asked a lot! Blue and pink, blue and red, purple and green, pink and black, red and green and it’s also great to have colours on that refer to that season or special occasion. In your birthday month, you could have your favourite colour(s), at christmas you could have red and green for the holly, tree and presents, at easter you could have white, pink or blue for eggs and bunnies, all that sort of thing. It’s also a good idea to have your house/school team colour at special competitive events in the month and glow in the dark greens at halloween! Have fun with your colours and show of your metal!
Just got braces, what are somethings I can eat that DON’T hurt?
Q: Got them yesterday.I need ideas of what to eat..something soft please.btw, i’m a vegetarian.
A: Pastas, smoothies, french fries, well cooked vegies
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