What are magnesium pills good for

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Magnesium pills help build strong bones and they can also be helpful when it comes to anxiety. Thanks for asking ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-magnesium-pills-good-for ]
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What’s the best way to get more Magnesium in my diet (not pill su…?
I am 28 years old and I am having several health issues. I am very much sensitive to noise and could not sleep even if there is a small sound. It really puts me down and I just cannot go in traffic. I get nervous if I hear a horn or siren. …
What magnesium tablet good for?
Firstly magnesium is not a water soluble mineral but rather it is fat soluble. Large amounts, over an extended period of time, can be toxic if your calcium and phosphorus intakes are high or if you have impaired kidney function. Adults need…

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Can magnesium pills go through customs into Canada?
Q: A friend of mine in Canada suffers from migraines, and I want to send him magnesium pills since they helped me with my migraines, and he can’t find any in stores near where he lives and even if he could, I’m not sure he could afford them. Would the pills be allowed through customs or are they not allowed? I know you don’t need a prescription for them, so would that make them okay to send or will customs block them?
A: If they are non-prescription (over the counter) drugs, you can send them and the only limitation would be on the value of the pills.
As Vegan can I take magnesium pills?
Q: I am a vegan & I take 1 blood pressure medication. However those last 2 months my BP keep changing. My reading varies from 135/85 to 155.99, It is never the same. I was wondering if I take some magnesium pills my blood pressure will normalize?
A: as with all things vegan, check the labels. a lot of pills are made with gelatin or lactose. i’m sure your bp meds are not vegan, but there’s no perfect vegan out there. just do your best to avoid animal products when you can. i’m not sure if taking magnesium will help you, but if you are sticking to a vegan diet for an extended period it’s very likely you might not need to take those someday. good luck.
Magnesium pills vs water with magnesium?
Q: I wanted to know if drinking water (which already has a high amount of magnesium in it) is better to do than take magnesium pills…as in is one of them healthier to do than the other? I heard that drinking water which has a high amt of magnesium in it is healthier because the body takes the magnesium better…is this true?
A: The body can only use so much magnesium. Once you get too much, it will cause liquid to come out of you when it is supposed to be solid. What magnesium does is release everything; all muscles are calmed but ready. Water at room temperature is absorbed quickest in the body, but it doesn’t really make any difference if it is pill or water. It is just how fast you want it to work. What I do is take a quarter to a half of a teaspoon of natural lemon flavored magnesium straight in my mouth and hold it until I’m able to swallow it and then I swallow it and drink something after and you can feel the calmness going down to your stomach and that feels so good. But, if I do more than a half teaspoon, oops. Better stand by the bathroom door because it is going to come out.
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