What are more ways to prevent a hangover

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To prevent a hangover, drink plenty of water, avoid salty foods, take some B-vitamins, and don’t drink to excess. Staying hydrated is the most important part. ChaCha on! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-more-ways-to-prevent-a-hangover ]
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What are the best ways to prevent hangovers?
This is my method & I haven’t had a bad hangover in a very long while. (1) Don’t smoke cigarettes while drinking (this is hard for smokers, more of a rule for social smokers.) (2) Walk home instead of catching a taxi, or stop the taxi e…
What is a good way to prevent a hangover?
B vitamins and hydration are the key. Also something to sop up the alcohol, don’t drink on an empty stomach. Many good points have been mentioned already, but nobody has mentioned B vitamins. These are depleted by alcohol consumption, and n…
Does anyone know a way to prevent a hangover?
I saw on tv that if you make some ginger tea (take fresh ginger, slice it thin and boil it in water and then strain it) and if you drink it in between beers/shots or whatever and AFTER you are done drinking alcohol it will help. But like ev…

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What are some of the Best Ways To Prevent A Hangover?
Q: What are some of the best ways to prevent a hangover? and please don’t tell me not to drink or drink less. Thank You.
A: After I’ve had my fun…. I drink many, many, many bottles of water.Morning comes, no hang over. : )
Best way to prevent a hangover when drinking vodka?
Q: What can I do before I start taken shots of vodka to prevent a hangover and what should I do after I am waisted to prevent it. Lastly in the morning what due you recemond I do. (Not drinking is not an option even though I know its the best)
A: Drinking plenty of water before going to sleep – a lot of the hangover is caused by dehydration. Avoiding that makes the hangover MUCH less unpleasant.A good meal also helps (before drinking) as it slows down the rate of absorption.
I’m going out clubbing tonight! And I want to drink but what do I eat/drink to prevent a hangover?
Q: I’ve heard “myths” such as animal cookies and bread. But do you know of ways to prevent a hangover. I feel like drinking a lot tonight!
A: Just eat ANYTHING before you go out. And when you get home, eat maybe a peanut butter sandwich and take a couple of Advil before going to bed. Works for me pretty much every time!
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