What are some superstitions about pregnant woman

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Some pregnancy superstitions are if you carry high it’s a boy, low a girl, if you have morning sickness it’s a girl, none a boy. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-some-superstitions-about-pregnant-woman ]
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What are some superstitions about pregnant woman
Some pregnancy superstitions are if you carry high it’s a boy, low a girl, if you have morning sickness it’s a girl, none a boy.
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As far as superstitions go, why should a pregnant woman NOT attend a funeral?
A: According to Chinese superstition, funerals and graveyards are like, the ‘dirtiest’ places ever, if you know what i mean. Dirty in the sense that there are spirits wandering about, unseen by the human eye. Pregnant women are sensitive and vulnerable, and chances are high that they may get possessed, or that a spirit would follow you home, knowing that you are carrying a child and demanding your love and attention, epecially spirits of young children.P/s: No kidding!! If you’re a Chinese like me, go ask your grandmother!!!
Are there any bad effects of an eclipse on a pregnant woman? Is this true?
Q: Does a pregnant woman refrain from doing any household activity or tasks involving using knives/scissors for cutting or any other physical activity which may endanger the unborn child? Is this just a superstition or is it a fact for real?
A: an eclipse is a powerful alignment of forces, whichaffects life on Earth. In India, the tradition is that pregnant women should not look at the eclipse ofthe Moon, or they risk miscarrying – I know personallyof a case where someone miscarried just after lookingat a lunar eclipse (although it’s possible this was a coincidence). To be born during an eclipse bodes ill for the parents,specially father if it’s a solar eclipe or mother if it’s alunar eclipse.Not too long ago, man was more in harmony withthe cycles of nature, but the modern scientific methodhas squashed all the magic and wonder of the cosmosand how everything is interconnected. As without, sowithin.
What is the reason to avoid the word “whale” or “cow” when a woman is pregnant?
Q: I heard this in America and I am not sure if this is another taboo or superstition in American culture. I understand the metaphorical meaning of shape and size, but if you are not making fun of her or directly mentioning about her, why should you still avoid using those words in a conversation at all? What about if I am in a zoo and saw an elephant, and I said “look, there is an elephant” when a pregnant woman is on the scene next to me? What about “truck” or any noun that is bulky?I am not making fun of her size or that she is fat, but it is just that when you have to use those “bulky” words in a conversation, you really do not have a choice or substitute it with any other euphermism.
A: because its offensive to both whales AND cows..
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