What are sore throat fever and nausea symptoms of

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It could be a cold or flu, allergies, smoke exposure, or many other conditions, if it’s bad you should consult a physician. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-sore-throat-fever-and-nausea-symptoms-of ]
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What are sore throat fever and nausea symptoms of
It could be a cold or flu, allergies, smoke exposure, or many other conditions, if it’s bad you should consult a physician.
What causes Symptoms Dizzy Fever Nausea Sore Throat??
A lot of illnesses have these symptoms: anywhere from the common cold to strep throat, or even pneumonia. Consult a doctor

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What causes nausea sore throat, fever and muscle weakness in polio?
Q: I’m writing a paper about polio. I know that in type I polio, symptoms include sore throat, nausea, fever, and abdominal pain. what I really need to know is WHY these symptoms occur when you have polio.also, what causes vomiting when you have polio? I REALLY NEED HELP! THANKS!
A: “Poliovirus can survive and multiply within the blood and lymphatics for long periods of time, sometimes as long as 17 weeks. In a small percentage of cases, it can spread and replicate in other sites such as brown fat, the reticuloendothelial tissues, and muscle. This sustained replication causes a major viremia, and leads to the development of minor influenza-like symptoms. “
really bad sore throat,nausea,fever,headache…home remedy?
Q: i was at my friends house the other day and i didnt know she was sickall the symptoms i have are real bad and have tried various medicines but they only work for a half hour topsit hurts alot when i swallow or talkwhen i walk i feel dizzy and nautious and have pain everywhere in my body and feel really weakany home remedies
A: Thoughts.Someone mentioned mono. Mono is a bacterial infection & if you have that or suspect a bacterial infection such as strep throat then I would see a physican. Antibiotics will help.2) If its not a bacterial infection then you have a viral infection. They are the only 2 possibilities.Listen, it would be very hard but if you could FAST, drink only water,stay in bed and rest, take a couple of hot showers a day,eat some raw garlic as much as you can handle & drink hot green tea (NO SUGAR.SUGAR CAUSES INFLAMMATION) This would be ideal. (All a virus is,is your body trying to eliminate toxins. In other words your body is trying to do a house cleaning & if you let nature take its course your body will thank you so much for it. All medications do are suppress the symptoms and thus you never fully expel the toxins that your body is desperately trying to eliminate. I can explain more on this concept if your interested.Simply email me.(and remember if you go this route fasting is instrumental,for if you don’t fast you will feel sicker for more days.This method u should be over it in 2 to 3 days tops if you do the above.You will be much better for it physically.That said, If symptoms r too much. I understand. I would suggest.1 Eat as light as possible(trust me on this one!!!)2 At least 2 hot showers a day to raise your body temperature & will help expel toxins.3 Those anti inflammatory meds like Advil can help. I have also had success with Vicks Niquil 4 Eck a nassia (My spelling is way off.I pronounced it for you. It’s a all natural herb that if you take when the virus is at its first stages will probably help greatly. Must buy it in a standardized form or your wasting your money.Get at GNC or most pharmacy’s and all health food stores.(Dont take with over counter meds.) Get someone to go for you if you feel shaky 5)If a you see a physican & he helps you determine its a virus and not a bacterial infection then please dont waste your time asking for an antibiotic. IT CANT HELP YOU,cuz they only work on bacteria infections.Thus called anti-biotic. All docs know this but give them any way for a virus cuz they know that is what the people want: A script.Above all,listen to your body. Your body and mind know what works best for you. I tried the first concept I mentioned 15 years ago and I was not ready for it emotionally. I then took some Vicks Niquil and aspirin and was like “Thank you.Relief!” Best Wishes,
What to do about my sick fiances Fever, nausea, sore throat, etc.?
Q: My Fiance is really pale. He is running a fever of almost 102, He’s freezing cold although the air is up to 90 degrees in the house, but his body is BURNING UP! He’s nauseated and throwing up every 10-15 minutes, he’s got a sore throat, and a stuffy nose. Does anybody know of any home remedies or medicine that REALLY helps with this situation? If i give him medicine for one symptom, i cant give him meds for the other.. I just need help! I hate seeing him like this. =[
A: hot peppermint tea will help with the throwing up and sore throat and stuffy nose, warm bath for the rest, and lots of chicken broth, however much he can hold down. and get some gatorade for the rehydrating.if all else fails try popsicles!
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