What are strength training exercises to flatter stomach

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The best way to flatten your stomach is to mix cardio exercises such as running and walking with sit ups and crunches. That will decrease the fat around your stomach area! ChaCha again! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-strength-training-exercises-to-flatter-stomach ]
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What are strength training exercises to flatter stomach
The best way to flatten your stomach is to mix cardio exercises such as running and walking with sit ups and crunches. That will decrease the fat around your stomach area! ChaCha again!

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Will strength training mixed with cardio the best route to go to burn fat?
Q: I have been doing cardio exercise for over a month now and lost 13lbs total. The problem is, I can’t seem to get my stomach flat. Would strength / weight training take care of this problem? I heard that cardio and ab exercises are not “spot” reducers. Am I right?
A: Congrats on your weight loss. Regarding your belly, it will probably just take time. You are correct about “spot reduction.” (see source) You can firm up the musculature under the belly fat (and/or “over” if you have a lot of internal belly fat) thru abdominal exercise. Just keep after it and watch your diet.Personally I do moderate cardio in the morning for 25 minutes, higher intensity calisthenic-type exercises in the evening for about 15 minutes and about 45 minutes of weight training in the morning (before moderate cardio). Current thinking is that either “fasting” moderate cardio or post-workout cardio is the most effective at fat-burning, as your glycogen stores are depleted at those times.Good luck!
Diet and exercise for stomach and thighs?
Q: Heres my goal: get a flat stomach and nice thighs by Christmas.Only problem is I don’t know how to do it.I already only eat when Im hungry and fruit is my absolute favourite food, although theres not much in the house at the moment.I don’t eat fatty bits on any meat, and the meat I eat most is chicken.I have soccer training on Sundays and a light game on Mondays. Apart from horse riding I don’t do any other exercise, which needs to change – except I have fallen arches so cant go running on anything but grass. I don’t have a pool or any gym equipment. I have a bike but its no fun.Can anybody help me with some diet and exercise ideas to help me achieve this? I was thinking maybe walking every day – I have no idea how far – along with some core strength exercises morning and night. I don’t know about diet, but ideas on some good healthy foods to stock up on for snacks would be really good.
A: VARSITY FIGHTER STOLE THIS FROM ME!Womensworkoutguide.com is the greatest excercise website for women who want to gain or lose weight.Their diet system is normal and is available under the site for free but if you don’t want to check it there here it isHEALTHY EATING TIPSMost people will agree that there is more weight loss and fitness information today but there is also more and more people that are getting even more confused about proper nutrition. Each diet contradicts with one another. I know it can get very confusing. I will provide you with a great guideline to help you lose weight. Let me simply it for you. These are the guidelines that I am following in my 16 week journey to six pack abs. Rule #1: Eat smaller meals through out day. Ideally, try to eat every 3- 31/2 hours of a smaller meal everyday. Not only will you feel less hungry but it will help boost your metabolism by constantly supplying your body with the adequate amount of “energy.” Stay away from eating 3 larger meals and start eating smaller meals through out the day. Rule#2: Consume enough high quality protein every day. Protein (such as chicken) has a high thermic effect than carbs and fat. What does it mean to you? Your body has to burn extra calories to break down your protein into smaller amino acids. Plus, it will keep you satisfied a lot longer compared to carbs. In addition, protein is needed to build and maintain lean muscle.Rule#3: Consume 25-35 grams of fiber a dayYour carbohydrates should be mostly high fiber foods such as vegetables, fruit, and high fiber unrefined grains. Fiber in your food absorbs water causing it to expand in your stomach and therefore making you feel more satisfied for a longer time. In addition, high fiber food will also control your blood sugar level; therefore, allowing you to release more body fat. Rule#4: Avoid refined sugars and refined grains.One of the biggest reasons why we are so overweight is because of the amount of sugar intake that we consume every year (Yes. That means to put your soda down). High sugary food/drink intake can cause your blood sugar to spike up causing you body to stop producing another hormone called glucagon. Glucagon is a releasing hormone that is responsible for releasing body fat to be utilized as energy. However, when you consume too much sugar, your glucagon production is discontinued. Rule#5: Consume an adequate amount of fat. When I say fat, I meant the healthy kind of fat such as nuts and seeds, nut butters, olive oil, organic meats and eggs, virgin coconut oil, and avocados. Depleting yourself with the healthy fat can negatively affect your hormone levels that will only result to more cravings. In addition, you want to limit the unhealthy fat (saturated fat) such as butter, margarine, and the fat around your steak. Avoid hydrogenated fat at all costs as they cause more harm than good. Rule#6: Keep yourself hydrated all day;It is crucial to keep yourself hydrated especially while working out. Try to drink .6 – .7 ounces per pound of body weight. We are made up of mostly water and a slight decrease in your body fluid level can affect your exercise performance. My number one rule in regards to water: If you are thirsty, you are also dehydrated. Do NOT wait until you are thirsty. I am not a nutritionist and I do NOT claim to know everything. However, I’ve spent over 7 years of my life studying how the body functions. These are just the general guidelines that I use for myself. Below is a chart that I made for you. These are my basic meals. In each meal, I consume a lean protein (i.e chicken breast), Starch Carbs (i.e brown rice), and fibrous carbs (i.e. broccoli). Lean ProteinsEggs Whites Chicken breast TunaShrimp Grouper Mahi-mahiCod Salmon SwordfishLobster Shellfish Sushi/ sashimiHalibut Marlin CobiaWahoo Tofu (Soy) Starchy CarbsPotato Cream of Rice Cereal CornBrown rice Tomato Jasmine RiceSweet potato Basmati rice PeasCouscous Oatmeal Corn tortillasFibrous CarbsBroccoli Onions CauliflowerAsparagus Carrots SpinachGreen peppers String beans Yellow peppersCucumbers Red peppers CeleryMushrooms Jerusalem artichoke Sample Menu #1Meal # 12 egg whites1.5 Cup high fiber (low sugar) cereal½ cup milk ½ cup cranberry juiceMeal # 21 ounce of Almonds1 medium OrangeMeal # 33 ounces Chicken Breast1 cup of mixed vegetables1 Large AppleMeal # 4 (My post workout meal)1 Banana1 scoop protein powder(22grams protein, 5gcarbs, 1 g fat)Meal #5½ cup of brown rice½ cup Asparagus3 ounces Turkey Breast or Salmon1.5 cups lettuce2 tsps olive oil dressingSample Menu #2Meal # 16 egg whites½ cup oatmeal (measured dry uncooked)1 small orange Meal # 21 ounce of Almonds1 medium
Can you get a flat stomach after having a baby?
Q: Can you get a flat stomach after having a baby? i have four kids and I am trying my hardest to lose my belly.I have mixed cardio, strength training and pilates into my exercise routine. Oh, of course eating right? I know I can never lose the stretch marks but Can I have still get a flat tummy? Help!
A: I have no idea…I’m on the verge of saying I will never have a flat belly again. I don’t care about the stretch marks either. How long have you been dieting and exercising? It has to be possible, you just have to be committed enough to diet and exercise.
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