What are symptoms of a cold

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Symptoms of a cold can include: cough, sore throat, fatigue, headaches. Thanks for texting ChaCha. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-symptoms-of-a-cold ]
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symtoms of common cold by dr.vimal md common cold is caused by a virus know as acute viral nasophyginitus. The main symtoms of cold are: ・ 1. running nose ・ 2. head ache ・ 3. triedness ・ 4. wet eye ・ 5. sneezing ・ 6. indigestion
If you have a cold, you can have any or all of these symptoms: increased nasal discharge (a runny nose), difficulty breathing through the nose, sneezing, a scratchy throat, and cough. The ability to taste and to smell may be affected, hoars…
One to three days after catching a cold virus, symptoms begin suddenly. They start with a burning feeling in the nose or throat. Next comes sneezing, a runny nose, and the feeling of being tired and unwell. For the first few days, your nose…

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How long do the cold/flu symptoms last after the initial exposure to herpes?
Q: Does it feel exactly the same as a cold, or is it more like a severe flu? My partner, who may have been exposed to the virus, is exhibiting cold symptoms but no outbreaks or lesions on his penis.
A: For me, it lasted about 5 days, and was more severe like the flu.Basically it is an infection, so you run a high fever, have sore skin, feel shivery and cold/hot and feel weak and off-colour. Obviously, you don’t have the facial/nasal symptoms of flu, or the sore throat. Those symptoms started for me about four days after exposure.To anyone who thinks herpes only produces localised symptoms and you don’t get sick with it:When you first catch herpes your body is fighting a new infection, so it is normal to have symptoms of that infection – such as a fever. It doesn’t happen to everyone, but it happens to a high proportion of people catching herpes for the first time. Symptoms are usually described as ‘flu-like’ and can be severe.Colds and herpes: yes, a cold can trigger a herpes outbreak. And recurrent outbreaks, or cold sores, do not usually cause flu-like symptoms or a fever. But recurrent herpes CAN occasionally give you a fever etc. It is an infection, and if your body struggles to fight it you will have a fever. This can happen to people with cold sores or genital herpes. I have had to go to the emergency doctor with a high fever due to a recurrent herpes outbreak in the past. That happened a year after my primary outbreak; these days, herpes doesn’t make me sick any more.The fever isn’t always due to a cold – it can be caused by the herpes virus itself, especially in new infections.
Why do I get cold symptoms whenever I start working out and taking protein?
Q: This is the strangest thing, and I’ve done this in all different seasons.I stay away from the gym for a while, and then i go back and take nothing but whey protein (which is supposed to help my immune system) but whenever I start working out again, I get cold symptoms.I tried to find information about it, and it’s not the brand of whey, for I’ve tried different brands.
A: This is wild, but could be for a couple different reasons. One maybe the working out is taxing your system to a degree where you are susceptible to becoming sick? two: possible you are allergic to whey. You should try separating the two and seeing if you get sick. Go for a while with no workouts, but take whey and see if you get sick. Then try working out for a while with no supplements and see if you get sick.Is there anything your missing?
How can I lessen my cold symptoms? I have to sing for an audience in a week?
Q: I kinda felt a cold coming on yesterday and what do ya know – my nose is running and my throat is beginning to be scratchy. What can I do to lessen the symptoms and to speed up the cold’s course?I heard that zinc helps. What foods have zinc in them? Has anyone tried cold fx?
A: Drink lots of water. I just got rid of a cold in two days by drinking a bunch of water. (make sure to mix in some juice or gatorade too)
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