What are the chances of someone surviving lung cancer

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It depends on what stafe the cancer is in. Stage 0 Lung Cancer: The lung cancer is localized; it is found only in a local More? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-the-chances-of-someone-surviving-lung-cancer ]
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What are the chances of someone surviving state 1 lung cancer?
The majority of lung cancer patients are being diagnosed so late that they will die within a year. Early detection is the key.
What are the Chances of Surviving Lung Cancer?
When lung cancer is diagnosed following development of symptoms, just 15 out of 100 people diagnosed will survive at least five years, for all lung cancers combined. If you look at lung cancers detected in the earliest stage (Stage I), befo…
What are my chances of surviving lung cancer.?
Hi Gene, our chances are slim but not impossible. Depends on what stage, what kind of lung cancer, whether you are operable or not and of course, how well you tolerate treatment. I was dx’d with stage iv non small cell in May of ’06.. I was…

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What are your chances of surviving Lung Cancer?
Q: If someone was diagnosed with Small Cell Lung Cancer stage 1, what would be the chance or survival / how many years of life would be expected?
A: Small cell carcinoma is an aggressive cancer. It grows quickly and it metasticizes quickly but it also responds well to chemo and radiation. Caught this early at stage I and with aggressive treatment, the chances for survival are good.
whats the chances of surviving lung cancer?
Q: ino this girl from the uk that has lung cancer, she is only 17 taday is her birthday :(i want ta know wil she live?? nd what are the chances that she wil die?? shes the love of my life, i dont want ta loose her, need her to live, please if there is any one out there that can help, please get back to me.
A: What type of lung cancer? What stage? What treatment is she undergoing? The fact that she’s 17 is good. It means that she has a better chance of surviving than a 90 year old with the same type. But i dk her chances of surviving, I’d need more information.I’m sorry to hear about this though 🙁
what are the chances for surviving lung cancer while undergoing chemotherapy at a early stage?
A: Steven, If you want an educated answer to this question, we have to know the type of lung cancer and the actual stage. The oncologist ordering the chemotherapy should be explaining the chances for long term survival in this special case. All people are special – their diseases are individual in nature. The only person who knows the type and stage of this lung cancer is the treating oncologist. If you are not the patient, you should go with this person when he or she sees the oncologist to hear these answers. We don’t even know what type of chemotherapy this person is receiving. There are many different chemotherapy regimens for the different types of lung cancer. We cannot be specific in answering a vaguely stated question such as this.
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