What are the effects of the pill methadone

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Serious side effects: shallow breathing; hallucinations or confusion; or chest pain, dizziness, fainting, fast or pounding heartbeat; or trouble breathing, feeling light-headed, or fainting. Less serious methadone side effects may include:..more? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-the-effects-of-the-pill-methadone ]
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Does anyone know what the actual side effects of methadone treatm…?
My boyfriend has been taking methadone for pain pill addiction since Nov 2007. He has transfered clinics and I am glad he has because the first clinic was a joke they gave you as much as you wanted even if you would fail the drug tests. Thi…

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I really want to know what happens after you take a methadone pill?
Q: hi..i was just wondering what happens if a around about 14 yr old takes one methadone pill?what does it feel like?any side effects?or does it just make you sleepy?
A: you get fcked up!
What are the results of taking 4 or 5 pills of methadone to get high? (The bad side effects)?
Q: I want to tell my girlfriend some honest facts about it so I can get her to stop
A: It depends on several factors but Methadone is not one of the drugs you can play around with and survive for very long. peoples tolerance plays a role as does whether or ot the frug is mixed with anything. Methadone and benzodiazepines (Xanax, Valium, Klonipin, etc.) is extremely dangerous as is methadone and alcohol. The big issue with methadone that makes it so much more dangerous than other pills when abused is its long half life. It stays in your system long after the effects have worn off so when you take more you are poisoning yourself if you don’t know what your doing. Methadone is a wonderful medication when used properly for those suffering from addiction or in chronic pain but taken without a doctors supervision it can be deadly. Here is a safety page you can read that will give you things to watch for in cases of overdose. There is other info about methadone there also. http://findingnormal.webs.com/drugsafety.htm
what are the effects of using methadone and loratabs while pregnant?
Q: My friend is abusing loratabs methadone and any pain pill she can and i am wondering what this will do to the baby
A: well, she will have an addicted baby, and the dept of family and child services will swoop down on her sorry [email protected]@, which I hope they file criminal charges on her and take her child away for good, she desrves to be publicly flogged and then hanged in shackles and nail clippers taken to her useless body. Anyone who abuses drugs or booze while they are pregnant, arent worth the sludge on the bottom of a shoe!!
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