What are the milligrams of the hydrocodone

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Hydrocodone comes in 5, 7.5, and 10 milligram pills. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-the-milligrams-of-the-hydrocodone ]
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What milligrams does hydrocodone come in?
325mg where ten % of that will be hydrocodone the rest will be aspirin or whatever, then there is 500’s always a 10% ratio between hydrocodone and the aspirin, 750’s and 1000’s pure hydrocodone will usually start from 5 and go up on the 2.5…
How many milligrams is this particular hydrocodone pill??
There are 7.5mg of Hydrocodone and 750mg of Acetaminophen in this tablet. Trade Name Hydrocodone-APAP Generic Name Acetaminophen w/ Hydrocodone Tab 750-7.5 MG NDC 00406036001 Imprint M360 Color white Shape oblong Score scored See http://a…
Can you take 10 milligrams of hydrocodone and 10 mls. of codiene …?
yea actually you can it just ****s you up more… nothing bad will happen or anything like that you will just kinda sit there feeling good [8]ball of yay***

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How many milligrams of hydrocodone are contained in each Vicodin ES tablet?
A: Depends on the pill. U can get 5 mg, 7.5, and 10. Usually docs only perscribe the 5’s unless it is a serious injury. And it’s not 750 mgs or 500 mgs but simply .7mgs or .5 mgs.People: please dont list wikipedia as a source. The info. can easliy be wrong
How many milligrams of hydrocodone does it take to get you high?
Q: For me, it’s about 50. Oh, and for all you self righteous buttholes who are gonna say something like “You shouldn’t get high, drugs are bad, blah blah blah”, just don’t bother. This question is for the druggies!
A: People like u are making the world a horrible place!!!!! Don’t ruin the new generation!!!!
ive got a bottle of hydrocodone Elixir. how many milligrams is there in 120 ml?
Q: it just says 120 milliliters, but doesnt tell me the amount of hydrocodone per ml or tablespoon or anything. just wondering…
A: usually it’s a mg per ml. but if the label doesn’t say the concentration, it isn’t a legal prescription, and you may want to show it to a pharmacist.
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