What are the side effects of relacore

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Side effects reported on the web from individuals who have used Relacore include: Weight Gain. Heart Palpitations, Blurred Vision, Blood Pressure Fluxuation, Drowsiness, Dizziness, Nausea, Headaches – minor to severe, Acne Welts. Continue to ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-the-side-effects-of-relacore ]
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Can anyone tell me about side effects of Relacore?
i have just answered a similar question, no need for pills if you read my below answer ok, no quick fix will do the trick. if u r serious about losing weight, then you should do it the wright way. u can lose about 1 pound (of fat) a week if…
Does Relacore Cause Side Effects?
Little is known about the possible side effects of Relacore weight loss supplements. Although adequate studies have not been conducted and published on Relacore, some information can be assumed about its side effects, based on reported side…
What is relacore side effects. UK pharmacies cheap relacore side …?
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Side effects of relacore?
Q: Do you know of any side effects of relacore? My office mate has just experienced blurred vision and is now feeling better but I am still concerned?
A: That’s a little scary… blurred vision is a sign of REALLY high blood pressure.
Side effects of Relacore? Anyone???
Q: I was taking Relacore for a week, and I was having stomach cramps after I ate…even after eating small snacks. (the amount I ate didn’t seem to matter) I was wondering if anyone else had that reaction to the pills or any other strange side effects while taking this pill?
A: Relacore is a product that will affect your thyroid. Not to mention all it is is sugar and caffenne. Just adjust your diet, get your thyroid checked out, and maintain a constant excersise schedule and you will see better results. I work for a Sports Nutruition Company
Has anyone had any really bad side effects to Relacore such stomsch pain and diahrea.?
A: I have not tried it yet, but I guess to reduce fat and when it does it will make one go to the bathroom so I guess that’s the product working.Here’s the ingredients:Relacore™a proprietary blend of: 266 mg Magnolia (bark) SE ** Passion Flower (herb) SE ** Scutellaria (root) SE ** Niacinamide ** Panax Ginseng (root) ** Pinellia (tuber) ** Poria (fungus) ** Jujuba (fruit) ** Perilla (leaf) ** Phosphotidylserine I don’t know what Jujuba and pinellia and Perilla are but from the sound of them it sounds like something that will make one go. Then check out Magnolia bark. I guess the flushing effects rids the body of the toxins.
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