What at home remedies can you do for a wet cough

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For symptoms including wet cough,take acetaminophen or ibrufen,drink a lot of liquids,get a massage for a sore back,chest muscles. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-at-home-remedies-can-you-do-for-a-wet-cough ]
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What at home remedies can you do for a wet cough
For symptoms including wet cough,take acetaminophen or ibrufen,drink a lot of liquids,get a massage for a sore back,chest muscles.

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How do i stop a wet cough!!!!!!!!????
Q: PLEASE HELP ME! Im a bit short on money, and my cough has been going on for about 2 months now. I am coughing up mucus and even having ‘the poops’ at times and puking. Is there a home remedy?
A: You need to see a doctor for that. If you can’t afford one call up your county health department. They can help you.
whats the best health website?My little ones,5mths,2yrs,4yrs have had a wet cough &…?
Q: …runny nose for about a week. help?My 4yrs old son have had a wet cough for about a week, he started coughing the night he came back from his kinder. No fever,no running nose,just wet cough. The next day my little one 5mths old started coughing, she has a runny nose but no fever. I’d given her a small dose of Baby Panadol (1 dose on the day & another dose on the next day) as she was really cranky, had a hard time to sleep. As she didnt have fever, I didnt want to continue to Baby Panadol, however she have had a much better sleep & runny nose almost completely gone. But she still has the wet cough. All I can do for now is to continue breast feeding, hoping she has better immune system, and apply baby vicks around her neck and chest. In 2 days or so my 2yrs old daughter started coughing, runny nose, and abit feverish. I have given her & my son warm lemon & honey, fresh pressed orange juice, nashi pear & apply baby vicks, but I havent seen much improvement. Any best home remedies?I try to avoid letting them taking medicine
A: Colds are just colds and need to run their course. If you have more than one child in the house, the illness can go around a couple times, seemingly unendingly. The value of the physician is (s)he can tell if there are indications of a more serious treatable illness. Also, a 4-year-old might pick up an illness in pre-school that his body can handle. But, it is possible that the 2-month-old may need additional help fighting it off.So, call/go to your pediatrician.PS–when our kids were small, we used a pediatrician in a practice that offered a 30-45 minute time slot when we could call our doctor/a doctor in the practice directly early in the morning at home. Over 50% of the time our concerns were unwarranted. The doctor relieved unnecessary worry. But, in the other instances, the doctor felt the symptoms warranted coming in to check the kid in person. Perhaps you should start out by just calling your doctor. In 1 minute, he may decide you don’t need to come in. I don’t think young parents should kick themselves for excessive worrying. It comes with the territory. A whining adult or child is one thing. But, it hurts to see infants suffer when they cannot communicate explicitly what they are suffering from. So, if the doctor’s job is 10% psychological hand holding, so be it.
Does anyone know any home remedies to cure a sore thorat?
Q: I went out on a Saturday wit my hair wet and the weather was chilly by Sunday i got a sore throat. Whenever i get a sore throat it usually devolpes to a running nose and lots of coughing. Does anyone know a way to help my throat get better? Thanks!!
A: Gargle salt water for a couple minutes and that should help your throat. Disgusting I know, but it has helped me before!
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