What can make me sleep better

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Minimize noise, light, & temperature extremes during sleep with ear plugs, window blinds, electric blanket or air conditioner. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-can-make-me-sleep-better ]
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What can make you sleep better?
A bedtime routine, such as brushing your teeth, washing your face, reading a few pages from a book, then shutting off the lights–all around the same time each day.
How to Make Your Baby Sleep Better
・ 1 try to shorten your babies naps during the day. it is a time for you and your baby to get rest, but… ・ 2 before bedtime, create a nightly routine. try giving your baby a warm bath right before bedtime, this… ・ 3 don’t get up everyti…
What will make you sleep better?
Make sure you have no caffeine at least 4 hours before bedtime. Do not eat before going to bed because your digestive system will keep you awake. A shower or bath an hour before bed should be helpful. A warm glass of milk is nice too. No li…

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What scents make you fall asleep faster and sleep better?
Q: I have started school now and need to wake up early. I find myself hitting the snooze button and then when I know its finally time, I can barely get myself up! Does anyone know if there are any scents that help make a better sleep?
A: There are 3 scents that work: lavender, vanilla and the smell of pumpkin.
Does having more naps make a baby sleep better at night, or is less naps better?
Q: I find that a baby that doesn’t sleep enough during the day would be kinda difficult to sleep at night too.But others tell me to reduce daytime naps so that baby sleeps better at night.How’s your experience?
A: Let Shaun have all the naps he needs. If not you will be left with an over tired and fraught baby that is not able to sleep at night.PS If you can whilst he has his afternoon nap you have one too. You will feel all the better for it and the washing up can wait !
Doesn NyQuil really make you sleep better AND get rid of the allergies for the night?
Q: I have Insomnia, and year round allergies/sinuses. I used to take Benadryl before bed every night, I slept a lot better and the allergies were gone, but now it doesn’t work. I need something else, I can’t afford perscription Insomnia medicine, and percription meds for allergies such as Zrytec, don’t work. I always hear about NyQuil/DayQuil, I am open to suggestions!
A: The sleepy ingredient in nyquil is alcohol. Literally, drinking alcohol. Read the label, you would be better off finding a liquer you like and taking a shot or two before bed. As far as the allergy part, I dont like nyquil. I am on rx meds, but otc there is allegra (which worked for me for a while as an rx before it was otc, but it quit working after a few months.), I think claritin is now available otc. Also, medicated and plain saline nose sprays can be of help. As well as a dehumidifier in your room/house and high quality air filters on the central heating and cooling system. The allergy and sleepy ingredient in tylonal is benedryal, so if you already have a high tolerance for benedryal, tylonal wont help. As far as insomnia goes… Well, you could do like I said and find a liquer you like and take a shot or two before bed. Brandy has always worked well for me in that respect. There are also over the counter meds like unisome, but I dont know what their active ingredients are. Again, tylonal pm usees benedryal, so it wont help since you have the benedryal tolerance.
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