What can you use to get rid of cellulite

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You will need to exercises twice a week with a personal trainer and eat a low-fat diet to get rid of some cellulite. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-can-you-use-to-get-rid-of-cellulite ]
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How to Get Rid of Cellulite Using Essenial Oils
Cellulite is embarassing, unsighly, and can make you feel uncomfortable with your body. What’s worse is that getting rid of it in the traditional ways can cost you a pretty penny. Before rushing…
Hi, Which treatment you decide on for cellulite depends on a number of things, including cost and time involved.  I recommend you look for testimonies on products or treatments that have worked for others.  There are a number of anti cellul…
What is the best workout equipment to use to get rid of cellulite…?
Results don’t come too fast. If they did, everyone would be motivated and the U.S. wouldn’t be facing an obesity epidemic. The best equipment? A sidewalk and your shoes, combined with your will to WORK to lose weight. Unfortunately, that…

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How can I get rid of cellulite please. I have too much?
A: First try dieting and doing lots of cardio a few times a week. If that doesn’t work use this cream http://www.cellulite-reduction.biz to get rid of it
use fresh coffee grounds on your legs to get rid of cellulite?
Q: On the radio the other day they had people call in for their “home remedy” beauty secrets and one woman said after she makes her coffee in the morning she uses the coffee grounds and rubs in on her thighs because the caffeine in it helps to smooth out her cellulite. Has anyone tried this?? or has anything worked for you to get rid of cellulite?
A: well caffeine is found in many of those products that claim to reduce cellulite- those products are not miracle products and the results are usually minimal. I dont see how simply rubbing on it for a brief while can help anything, it probably just exfoliates and makes her skin appear to look smoother
What are some Quick leg ecxersizes i can use to get rid of my cellulite on my butt?
Q: im 5′ 7” and ive always been really skinny and weighed around 115lb, and i just recently (finally) gained 15 lb! and i love my weight and the way i look except, along with the weight i gained cellulite on my butt. i was wondering if running on the tredmill will get rid of it, or what other quick excersizes can i do to atleast minimize my cellulite…. thankss
A: Squats and lunges are great leg exercises for cellulite and toning the butt and thigh areas.Along with leg exercises, the following help to get rid of cellulite:Body brushingCellulite massageDrinking plenty of waterCutting out preservatives from your diet where possibleSee http://www.ridofcellulite.org for more details.
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