What causes high estrogen

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In women, high levels of estrogen are associated with high blood pressure,diabetes & tumors. Levels also rise during pregnancy. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-causes-high-estrogen ]
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Is Estrogen higher or lower during pregnancy? Which (high or low)…?
In fact estrogen improves bone density. Estrogen Beneficial effect on bone density Many physicians do not realize that estrogen improves the bone density as well or better than alendronate. Below is a table of bone density results from rand…
What causes irregular, infrequent menses and high estrogens??
While the most common cause of irregular delayed menses is due to stress type hypothalamic amenorrhea, the next most frequent type is due to polycystic ovarian syndrome. This is a complex condition of the ovaries in which follicles seem to …
Does a high-fat diet cause estrogen levels to be too high??
Is it good for estrogen levels in girls to drop? Girls need estrogen for the full expression of female traits at puberty and for fertility. When estrogen drops too low, young women stop menstruating. Young girls need plenty of good fats fo…

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Causes of high Estrogen in men?
Q: I am a male (21) and have been diagnosed with high Estrogen. I wanted to know what are ALL the things that can cause this? (other hormones or blood chemicals……..)My Free T levels are fine.I’ve done testsicle and adrenal ultra sounds which were fine. But these cannot possibly be the only things that can cause high Estrogen levels in men.Thanks!!!
A: could be stress.. aging but then again ur my age at 21. maybe u release too much testosterone?.. i don’t have this problem but i would like to know what causes this myself.. best wishes man.
Is Estrogen higher or lower during pregnancy? Which (high or low) causes you to have decreased bone density?
Q: I have had 4 children in 5 1/2 years(all planned)-I am now 35 years old. I am on the thin side, currently 118 pounds at 5’8″ tall- I have always been thin due to hyperthyroidism although now I am hypothyroid and on Synthroid. I have low bone density, my doctor is concerned that it is decreasing and wants to put me on Fosomax but I do not want to take it!! I am 35 years old only, my whole family is very thin, my children are also and they eat well (my 4 year old is 45 inches tall and 37 pounds). I just wanted to know the pregnancy/bone density/estrogen relationship for arguement sake, I feel probably my bone density is normal for me. Also I am done having children-four is what we planned.Since I was on PTU for high thyroid at age 14-19 (40 tablets a day!!) and am now on synthroid I have a very sensitive stomach and do not think I could handle Fosomax. I could not take prenatals at all during pregnancy and had to take zantac each pregnancy also for severe heartburn. Plus I am still breastfeeding, my youngest son is 4 months old. My MIL took Fosomax for a year and now has severe ulceration from it and must take Prilosec for it and told me the Fosomax is not worth the damage it caused her. (Also I used to be a chemist and worked in pharmaceutical labs for 10 years so I know a bit of background).Other details: I have also had 3 kidney stones in the past 2 years, and I am afraid that if my stomach is irritated I will eat even less than I do now which will be counterproductive to my bone density!
A: In fact estrogen improves bone density.EstrogenBeneficial effect on bone densityMany physicians do not realize that estrogen improves the bone density as well or better than alendronate. Below is a table of bone density results from randomized trials comparing estrogen to bisphosphonates, and a graph from the study in women younger than 60 (Ravn). There are additionally dozens of studies in postmenopausal women showing that estrogen improves bone density better than placebo or calcium.Pls check the link, so you are more informed.Good luck! ;D
Could high estrogen levels in a males body affect his libido?
Q: Im a male with Gynecomastia, which causes me to have higher estrogen levels in my blood. This also lowers testotorone. Could this have an adverse affect on my sex life?I dont know if it effects semen production or if you can get someone pregnant or not. Im sorry. But I do notice that went I do ejacualate it isnt as strong as is should be. But there have been plenty of times I have….. messed up, one would say, and my partner didnt get pregnant. No that were trying or anything, but it could be related to what your saying.
A: i also have gynecomastia and was wondering if it affects your semen like can you get your wife pregnant or not i would like to know if you have found out about this
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