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Herbs are an essential part of Chinese medicine. Often, herbal formulas are recommended to facilitate the results of treatment. We will prescribe herbs if needed based on your specific disease pattern. Chinese herbology is highly individual…
Chinese herbs can, certainly, be used by themselves, but are traditionally used in combination with acupuncture. Together, they make an outstanding therapeutic combination. Chinese herbal formulas are carefully chosen combinations consistin…
Chinese herbs can treat and heal acute and chronic conditions by strengthening the body and it’s immune system, helping it to recover and restore its harmony. It is used to reduce side effects from invasive treatments, such as chemotherapy …

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What Chinese herbs should a heart attack patient avoid?
Q: I am going to visit my friends this Sunday for a late Chinese New Years Celebration. I want to bring a herbal chicken stew with me, but my friend’s husband has a mild heart condition. What herbs should I avoid when making the stew?Thanks
A: Since nobody has asked, I’ll toss in my 2 cents.There are a number of herbs that might want to be avoided for various heart conditions. But I think the easiest way to find out would be to call your friend and tell them the herbs that would normally go into that stew, then ask if any of those should be avoided for him.
What is the best way to ingest chinese herbs?
Q: I received a bottle of grounded chinese herbs and I am wondering how I’m supposed to ingest them. Just put them in water or heat the water and let them dissolve. I have no clue.
A: i would assume you boil the water and ad dteh herbs, kinda like a tea, to get the best results.but i dont know.
Are there chinese herbs or tea that can dissolve fat in your body?
Q: As the chinese are very clever at these sought of things? What sought of herbs,teas to lose fat etc, do they use, what are they? Face cream that tightens?Thankyou
A: Excerise and eating right is the answer.
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