What do i do for back pain

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Heating pads can help to relax pain. Use heat for 20 to 30 minutes at a time. Ice packs & massages also give relief. Thanks,ChaCha [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-do-i-do-for-back-pain ]
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According to the Mayo Clinic, four out of five people will experience lower back pain in the United States. Back pain is also the most common reason people visit their doctor. Causes of back pain can be muscular, or more serious–like a rup…
I have been there myself. Put ice on for 15 min. at a time every 2-4 hrs and take the vicodin or some anti-inflamatory such as aleve, asprin or Tylenol (very important to take) you want to lessen the inflamation. Do not use “heat”…
I use inversion therapy whci is hanging upside down and using the effects of your own weight to stretch out the muscles of you back, hips, thighs, abs and legs. When these muscles get damaged and knotted up they can cause painful sciatica, …

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37 weeks pregnant, twisted and pulled my back so bad I can hardly move, breathe in deep. What should I do?
Q: I am just about 37 weeks pregnant and I coughed and hurt my back. I know it sounds ridiculous, but i have never hurt my back like this before. It hurts to move especially get up once Lay down, I can’t breathe in deep it hurts to back. Even when the baby kicks i get a jolt of pain. I tryed a heat pad, an ice pack, tylenol, no relief what should i do?
A: Try to soak in a warm bath and/or have someone rub your back. Stretch it lightly, if you can.
What should I do for period pain?
Q: My stomach kills when I get my period. I’ve tried bananas, hot water bottles, and Tylenol. Any other suggestions?
A: If you want to ease period pain permanently, you have to eat healthy and exercise regularly especially right before your period. You said you’ve tried Tylenol, but in my personal experience Tylenol is not that great for menstrual cramps. I would try Ibuprofen or Midol instead.Good luck!
Im not sure what to do. Help getting her back. How could I do it?
Q: Me and my ex dated for 4 months at the end of last year. It was the happiest Ive ever been. It ended because of immaturity on both ends. Since about March we havent. In late September we started talking again. I automatically felt a connection. Its ALWAYS been there. So we’ve been talking almost everyday for about a month and its been TOURTURE. I feel like Im falling apart. Im usually an extremly strong person. But even thinking about us brings tears to my eyes. I want to tell her so bad, but if she doesnt respond well I dont know what I’d do. I just need to show her what we have & how special it is. But how? The only pain reliever is knowing Ill always have memories. Help!! What to do?
A: Ok, what is the chance that you will be taking, she has already broken up with you.If you want to be with this girl, then you HAVE to tell her how you feel, and that you can’t imagine living your life without her. What’s the worst that can happen, she has already broken up with you.You know, with a yes or no question, there is a 50% chance that the answer will be yes, but if you don’t ask at all, the answer is always no.People grow up, and change, maybe you just both needed this time to realize what was really important. Good luck.Hope that helps.
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