What do you do if you get a spiderbite

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Most spider-bites are harmless, and should be cleaned and treated with an antibacterial. For severe spider-bites or for allergic reactions, see your doctor. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-do-you-do-if-you-get-a-spiderbite ]
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Should I get snakebite or spiderbite piercings?
Personally, I like spiderbites much better. They don’t take any longer to heal, and you can get them both in the same sitting, just like snakebites. EDIT: Hold up, lets clarify here. There are several different things that people call spide…
How to get rid of Spider Bite!
mix baking soda and water into a paste, put it on the bite and cover it with a telfa pad. do this for about 4 days, then use an antibiotic ointment and bandaid till it heals. make sure you wash the area with an antibacterial soap and water …
What do you do when you get a spider bite?
It depends on the spider. Most spiders found in the United States are harmless, with the exception of the black widow and the brown recluse spiders (sometimes called the violin spider). Both of these spiders are found in warm climates. Wh…

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Q: I don’t want to think the worst but you never know…I don’t think it is a spiderbite but just in case..I have this small tiny hole on my finger that I just noticed this morning and around it the skin is flaky and itchy. there really wasn’t even a hole there till I started itching it but thats when stuff started coming out of it.it wan’t like puss or anything.it looked like just water or something and everytime I sqeeze it it does this.In fact all I have to do is bend my finger and it slowly comes out on its own.and it kinda goes onto the other finger,the flaking that is and I have like these tiny lil bumps there too. I don’t know if this helps but it started getting flaky yesterday and I saw something there that might be a splinter or something but this was in a diff. spot. its still there just looks like a small scab or something,too tiny to tell. but the hole is on the other side. it doesn’t burn just itched like crazy.what could this be?
A: Its not a spider bite thats for certain. The flaking of the skin concerns me more. You may be coming into cantact with something that you are allergic to. What this is is another question. I would go to your doctor and ask hime about this as it seems to be spreading. It may be that you need to take an allergy test and look at what you have come into contact with.Another thing I can think of is glass fibe that has remained on your skin for a time and even punctured your skin. This would form the water puss as the body tries to get the fibre out of your finger.However my advice is to wash your hands very much and regularly and inspect everything you have come into contact with in the past 24-48 hrs.If the flakiness spreads go and see a doctor to find out what is causing this reaction.
How far apart should my spiderbite piercing be spaced?
Q: Just curious. And for those of you who don’t know, a spiderbite is two lower lip piercings right next to each other. So don’t come here and answer my question with “whats a spiderbite?!?!”. Thanks. (: ALSO, I don’t want any information from those of you who think that a spiderbite piercing is the same as snakebites with one extra in the middle. Thanks, again. (:
A: Best advice is go and talk to your piercer… hopefully a registered and experienced professional who’ll be able to explain the risk of healing out resulting in one mangled point of insertion… off the top of my head, between three and five millimetres should be optimum, but like I said, go talk to your piercer!
How does a poisonous spiderbite look like?
Q: I have a bite on my neck about 24 hours old. How to know if from poisonours spider? Or maybe something else poisonous? I did have to sleep on the floor so it could have been something.
A: Spiders get a bad rap for Bites. They NOT blood suckers. Spiders Only bite as a defensive measure, perhaps you were Bitten by Bedbugs, I would check the mattress etc, bedding.
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