What does crystallizing do to your lungs

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Crystallizing would cause form crystals on the lungs surface and make it hard to breath. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-does-crystallizing-do-to-your-lungs ]
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What does crystallizing do to your lungs
Crystallizing would cause form crystals on the lungs surface and make it hard to breath.
Does menthol from cigarettes crystalize in your lungs??
Guessing: I’ve seen heavy clove smokers cough up blood. I’m assuming it’s due simply to the volatile nature of cloves and clove oil, plus the higher burn temperatures and thicker smoke. As far as I recall there’s no actual clove vegatation …
What does it mean when people say that cigarettes “crystaliz…?
What they are referring to is a real disease called “pulmonary fibrosis.” The “crystallization” is actually referring to scar tissue that forms from pulmonary fibrosis. Since little is known about the causes of pulmona…

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Does smoking crystal meth really cause it to crystalize in your lungs if you hold it in?
Q: I…- #1 I Don’t smoke meth -am just wondering how something extremely water soluble would crystallize in a moist place?Is this more war on drugs lies and disinformation?I have just always heard this and am curious.
A: Honestly, it sounds like a pretty bogus theory to me.As for the War on Drugs, I think that there are some pretty good reasons for it but marijuana is not one.My father is a heroin addict who lives in a alley in Bremerton, Wa now. I have other members of his side of the family who have had similar problems.I, like many people, think that weed isnt any worse than drinking but sh!t like meth or heroin is just bad news all around.That was a strange rambling answer, oops 😛
Do menthol cigarettes ” crystallize” your lungs ?
Q: I have heard this from so many people. Personally I can’t conceive of how it could be possible truthfully. But I have heard of more incredible things being true. Yes, I know no cigarette is safe and COPD I can accept but crystallizing your lungs?
A: urban legendhttp://www.whitelies.tv/files/news/NewsBriefs_44.pdf
Do Menthol cigarettes really crystallize your lungs?
Q: Are they really worse than regular cigarettes?
A: no, at least i hope not, or i’ll have to sell my lungs to swarovski crystal company
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