What does salting your wound do

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Do not put salt on your cut. The single most important aspect of wound care in the backcountry is vigorous and copious irrigation with clean water. You can generate a high pressure steam by filling a zip-top plastic bag with water, poking MORE? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-does-salting-your-wound-do ]
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Why does salt in a wound sting?
Salt absorbs water by dissolving into it. This is why roads are treated with salt in the winter (where it gets cold that is). The process pulls water out of cells, and also takes salt into the cells. The salt, when dissolved, forms ions in …
Do you know? “Salting” the wounds of labor organizing?
Salting” is a common organizing tactic used by labor unions. It refers to union organizers applying for jobs with non-union employers. The organizers then attempt to organize the employer’s workforce from the inside. In addition to organizi…
What Does Salt Do To Your Wounds?
Salt can be healing, but putting salt in an open sore or wound will burn very badly, so don’t try it

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does cleaning your wound make the wound heal quicker?
Q: does cleaning your wound make the wound heal quicker like using vinegar, salt, rum etc… or is it just to clean out the wound.
A: First of all, you should not be putting vinegar, salt, or rum in a wound. A good rule of thumb for home remedies like that is: would you put it in your eye? If you say no, then don’t put it on a wound. (Note that is only a rule of thumb, not a hard and fast rule; for example I wouldn’t put neosporin in my eye, but I would use it on cuts).Secondly, yes and no. Cleaning your wound will not make the wound heal faster directly. But keeping the wound clean will prevent infection; since infected wounds take much longer to heal, keeping the wound clean indirectly helps it heal faster. But over-cleaning, especially with harsh things such as peroxide, will slow down the healing process.Your best bet is wash the wound with soap and water, pat it dry, and apply an antibacterial ointment and a bandage. Change the bandage daily, reapplying ointment each time. That’s really all you need to do.
Why does it hurt when you put salt on an open wound?
Q: I read in a book the other day that you can put salt in the wound and it like cleans it….But why does it hurt so bad?I was just wondering. One time i cut my hand and spilled some salt on it.That’s why i was asking…
A: Yes, salts are use as a cure for wounds, salt water at seas. our tears etc. It hurts because of the heat formed touching our sensitive wound in the salt reaction that kills bacterias.
What does Pouring Salt on a wound really do?
Q: I realize it can be painful, But call me a masochist, put i don’t really feel that much pain when pouring salt into open cuts, Cleaned scrapes, or Cigarette burns, But that is beside the point, Where did this term come from and What does it really do to the body?
A: have you ever put a lot of salt in your mouth? your mouth end up all dry and you’re thirsty right?well, salt takes or absorbs liquids, so basically it dries up your cells as well as other organisms that’s why people use it to kill germs.and it hurts because it dries your cells to dead.
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