What does the hopsital iv do

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The IV withdraws blood or gives medicine or fluid intravenously, via a small tube attached to a needle. Thanks for asking ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-does-the-hopsital-iv-do ]
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What is a hospital IV used for?
An IV is used to administer fluids and medications i ntra v einously, or via the veins. It is common procedure to start an IV on patients as a safety precaution; if a patient needs immediate administration of a particular medication, the IV…

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Has anyone had to have their pets kidney’s flushed because of the pet food recall?
Q: My 7 month old Maltese was eating the Nutro Natural Choice pouches and she started having symptoms of a kidney infection (excessive drinking & urination & straining to urinate). I took her to the vet for a blood test and her kidneys test was abnormal and they put her in the hopsital for 4 days on an IV to flush her kidneys. Thank goodness she is ok now, I am picking her up tonight but I wanted to see if anyone with the same experience was taking legal action or at least submitting the vet bill for reimbursement. I am just wondering if it is worth it or not, I am just grateful that the outcome was not fatal but at the same time think that someone should take some accountability for this and at least pay the expenses.
A: So sorry to hear about your Maltese, but delighted that she has pulled through. I have one dog and two cats who eat the pouched meals. The dog hardly eats any of it, but my Ragdoll cat devours it. I’m very fortunate that none of my pets have shown any signs of Kidney failure. I did hear that Menu Foods would pay for all related Vet costs, but this is a struggling company, so it’s uncertain if they will honor their words. I don’t know if they would be able to file for bankruptcy or Chapter 11 in Canada, but it they do that in the USA, there would be a possibility that no one would get anything. Only time will tell.I have attached two web sites regarding the food recall as I thought they might help you.http://www.theglobeandmail.com/servlet/story/RTGAM.20070324.wxmenufoods24/BNStory/Business/?page=rss&id=RTGAM.20070324.wxmenufoods24http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/MenuFoodsClassAction/
is the hopsital wrong? should i test? when?
Q: i was at the ER about 4 days ago for a mirgin and they gave me a p test there to see if i was pregnant before giving me all the pain killers (demeral and benadril (sp) in an IV ) plus and MRI and CT scan…they told me i wasn’t pregnant…they never took blood but the time im worried about that i did forget my pill for about 2 days and he didn’t pull out like he was supposta would have only been about a 8 days ago 4 on the day of the test every time i eat i throw up or feel like i am and at this time im 2 going on 3 days late w/ no feeling early cramps or sore breasti go the my GYO on the 13th or 14th…i wanted to talk to him about switching birth control and as for weds im out of bitch control all togetherOBGYN**sure wish i could spellanother quick questions….if i am pregnant…HOW WOULD THOSE MEDS EFFECTED THE BABY SO EARLY
A: Hun it sounds like you are pregnant to me and hospitals make mistakes often you should just buy a home pregnancy test and go from there if you feel that you are make an apt. with your OBGYN soon and ask them to take an ultra sound those don’t lie i had to do that with both of my pregnancies and as far as those meds. go talk to your OBGYN they can tell you rather or not it will or would have harmed the baby.
I’m 34 weeks pregnant, having pains in my back, stomach, and vaginal area – what should i do?
Q: I’ve went into preterm labor 3 times starting around 28-29 weeks. The first time it wasnt so bad just hydrated me, and gave me two betamethasone shots, the second time I was given IV meds to stop contractions and given two more steroid shots, the third time I was given mag sulfate, put in the hospital for 10 days, and sent home taking procardia. All the times they told me I was having contractions I couldnt feel them except the last time which I wasnt feeling them until they started the med., so im sorta clueless to what they are really like starting out, since coming home i’ve had bad back pains, achiness in my vaginal area & some pressure, some stomach discomfort, and it hurts to walk most of the time. I’m 1-2cm dilated, 80% effaced, +2 station, the baby has been head down my whole pregnancy. I was just wondering what I should do? Has anyone been through anything like this before? I can’t talk to my dr. until tues. And i dont want to go to the hopsital because i have nothing ready.
A: You’re in labor! You need to get to the hospital. Have someone else get your stuff ready. You don’t want to be having the baby in the car, do you? Get going!!
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