What drink helps when your sick the most

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Chicken broth and ginger ale are two drinks commonly used for sickness. Also, echinacea tea, or Alka Seltzer! ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-drink-helps-when-your-sick-the-most ]
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Why do people drink ginger ale when they are sick, how does it he…?
any clear soda is good to drink when your stomach is upset because “no dyes” like coke or Pepsi. The carbonation is good to help relieve air from the stomach If you are sick diarrhea sick, they also recommend Jello, saltine cracke…
Did you drink soda to help control morning sickness when pregnant…?
If soda is what is helping your stomach. Try and drink the caffeine free type. If your craving soda, caffeine free is the way to go. you really dont want to have a lot of caffenine intake while you are pregnant. if your morning sickness is …
Does it help to drink green tea when you’re sick??
Good question, it sure does for me. If I’m really sick I drink a lot of “gunpowder” green tea as strong as possible, it’s one of the first things I go for. It’s not a cure-all and of course depending on what kind of sickness, you …

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Why is it important to drink water when your sick?
Q: I have just come down with strep or sore throat and I want to know how to get over it the quickest. Help please!!!
A: it rehydrates the body from all of the lost fluid.
what’s the best thing to drink when your sick? lots of water???? help??
Q: ok i think i’m getting sick..i’m not sick yet..but..the rest of my family that lives with me is. they run a fever and have headaches, & diahrea , and they lay around all day. i dont want to get sick but what’s the best way to help it pass more quickly? dad always says drink lots of fluids..?? help..cuz i dont know!! lol
A: Get some vitamin C and drink water, apple juice and orange juice, if you get sick good old fashion chicken noodle soup or just the broth and water.
Is it to drink coffee when your sick???
Q: Okay..so i’m sick…just the typical cold and is it good to drink coffee when you’re sick…and what else should I drink and not drink…and what should i eat and not eat…..feels like i’m asking a doctor, but like everyone else i don’t wanna be sick so help plz..
A: The thing is when we have a cold we already run the risk of dehydrating. Its important to drink plenty of fluids to loosen up the mucous in our chest so we can cough it up and not end up with pneumonia. Coffee would probably be fine if you only drink a cup or so. If you put creamer of any sort in it, you will probably end up coughing from it. Caffiene in itself will dehydrate the body, so don’t drink too much.PS. Chicken Noodle Soup really does help the symptoms of a cold. Good wishes to you.
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