What effects do you get from hydrocodone

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Hydrocodone’s effect is similar to morphine. It is used for pain management. Possible side effects: addiction, anxiety…more? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-effects-do-you-get-from-hydrocodone ]
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Can I snort Lorcet (Hydrocodone+Acetaminophen) and get faster eff…?
First, while it might work faster in the onset, it would also then by the same theory have a shorter overall duration of effect. Secondly, if you are taking 4 at a time then you are exceeding the prescribed dose, and risking liver damage du…

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Can taking loperamide (imodium tablets 8mg) increase the effects of hydrocodone?
Q: i take 2 5/500 mg hydrocodone’s for migrains, and sometimes i have to take imodium. Can these two drugs together have any side effects that can be dangerous?
A: Other than possible nasty constipation I think you are fine.
Hydrocodone side effects b/c of long term use?
Q: What are the side effects for extended low dose use of hydrocodone 7.5? By low dose, it’s one – two pills total daily. This has been from chronic pain resulting from injury and surgery. I’ve been on the medication for 5 months.
A: Being on medication for 5 months is a long time but you should discuss this with your pharmacist and see what the side effects are and may be aware that medication have different reaction with anyone . Liver , kidneys stomach may be very well affected . See your pharmacist they should know and give a pamphlet on it as well .Good luck
what are the effects of hydrocodone?
Q: what is “hydrocodone/APAP, 5-325mg TAB#20”, and what are the effects to someone with lower back pain, will it help lower-back and sprained wrists?
A: it should help some
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