What exactly is the flu shot

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The flue shot is an influenza vaccine given for to prevent the flu. About 5% to 20% of Americans get the flu each year. Thanks! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-exactly-is-the-flu-shot ]
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What Exactly Is the Flu Shot?
Okay, so you know what a shot is: a doctor comes at you with a big scary needle and sticks it into your arm while you wince and try to pretend like it doesn’t hurt. But what is inside the flu vaccine? A flu shot is an inactivated vaccine…
Why aren’t different provinces and territories planning to give f…?
The delivery of healthcare is a provincial/territorial responsibility in Canada. The Public Health Agency of Canada makes recommendations on immunization, but the rollout of immunization programs, including timelines and target groups, is u…
How exactly does getting a flue shot prepare you for when u actua…?
The flu vaccine, seasonal or swine flu, comes in two forms. One is a shot, and that uses killed viruses. The other is a nasal spray that ses weakened live viruses. There are very few vaccines that use any sort of live virus. The killed viru…

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What exactly is in a flu shot vaccine? Is formaldehyde one of the ingredients?
Q: I got my flu shot last Friday (so tomorrow makes a week), and my arm is still bothering me. It was sore that evening and the next day. Now it’s almost like it’s throbbing and weak. I feel like I can’t lift with that arm. I’m allergic to formaldehyde, and I heard that it might be one of the preservatives used in the vaccine. I can’t believe that it’s still bothering me and a week has passed. I will call the doctor in the morning.
A: Your symtoms are fairly rare. Some people do react to the vaccine in the same way that you did. There is no formaldehyde in vaccines at all ever. Formaldehyde is not in any commercial products anymore and its use is closely regulated by state agencies (since they found out that it is carcinogenic). Vaccines are collections of many strains of killed flu viruses or parts of the viruses (all dead). Sometimes people will react to a vaccine with a fever. Yes I think it might be a good idea to see your doctor, but I remember getting a tetnus shot and the same exact thing happened (went away in a week).
does anybody know exactly how much egg is in a flu shot?
Q: is it the equivalent of one egg or less? I would think less because a shot is such a small dose?
A: very little. Most people don’t know that the influenza vaccine (“flu shot”) contains egg protein. People who react to eggs, chicken, or chicken feathers with systemic symptoms (a drop in blood pressure, significant wheezing, difficulty breathing, or generalized hives) generally should not get the flu vaccine. Localized or less severe reactions (such as a mild rash) to fathers or eggs are not a reason to forgo the vaccine
Is it okay to get another flu shot (H1N1 shot) after you got the seasonal flu shot?
Q: Is it okay to get another flu shot (H1N1 shot) after you got the seasonal flu shot? Not exactly right after I mean is it okay if you got the seasonal flu shot last month and get the H1N1 shot this month?
A: Yes, it’s fine to get the seasonal flu shot and the H1N1 shot at the same time. It is true that if you get the nasal spray form of the vaccine, you need to wait three to four weeks before getting another nasal spray vaccine.There is really good news that has come out of our clinical trials being run by the National Institutes of Health and the flu vaccine manufacturers. The H1N1 vaccine is a really good match with the H1N1 virus currently circulating across the country, and healthy adults and children 10 and older will need only one dose of vaccine.Though scientists initially thought that two doses might be required, information from clinical trials has since demonstrated the H1N1 vaccine works faster than we expected and works well against the H1N1 virus, which is making millions of Americans sick. Again, seek your own doctor. Wishing you well :)~~
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