What happens when a boy takes plan b

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Since Plan B is to prevent unwanted pregnancies and boys can’t get pregnant, there have been no studies as to what will happen when a boy takes it. ChaCha on! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-happens-when-a-boy-takes-plan-b ]
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What happens when a boy takes plan b
Since Plan B is to prevent unwanted pregnancies and boys can’t get pregnant, there have been no studies as to what will happen when a boy takes it. ChaCha on!

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should i take a plan b pill just incase?
Q: SHOULD I JUST TAKE THE PLAN B PILL JUST INCASE?OKay i’m very paranoid right now, and i have no idea if I have a chance of being pregnant. Here is what happened.Last night me and my boy friend were fooling around and he fingered me, and his fingers were clean and every thing was fine. But then after when we sat done, after he finished with me, i touched his tip quickly and felt something a little wet, not sticky or anything but wet, which i assume is precum. I asked him, but when he felt it it wasn’t wet, but we let it slide and just talked for a few minutes, forgetting about my hand having a little bit of residue. Anyways so i ended up checking if i was still wet, but i only touched my lips, which happened to be stretched, i was born with them long. And they were wet, So then i quickly rmb i touched him so i freaked out and took a wet napkin and wiped the part i touched. And im pretty sure my fingers were pretty dry when i touched myself quickly. I had my period on friday, which was the the 23 of October, and this happened yesterday night which was the 28th of october. I just finished having my period that day, i was wondering what are the chances of me beign pregnant. II’m desperately needing an answer I’m going psycho here. I feel like i should just take a plan b pill to be safe. should i?
A: please don’t fool around with your boyfriend any more until you understand how pregancy occurs.ktxbai
my boy friend says if it happens it happens???advise pleaseeeee?
Q: ok,my boyfriend is the sweetest guy in the world..he takes very good care of me and i couldnt ask for better.we have been talking about having a baby.weve been together for 2years and been living together for about a year and a half..but when talking about having a baby. he says if it happens it happens.. he doesnt want to plan it..this bothers me..i want to be a young mom,and hes not getting any younger..(im almost 24,and hes 28)ever since we started dating we have been using the pull out method.and nothing yet.. my question is..for others that used this kind of b.c. how soon did you get pregnant(if at all) while doing this..i dont want to keep bugging him about “planning”but im just wondering how much longer should i wait using the pull out way?
A: I’ve had this problem w/my husband for a long time… he JUST started not pulling out this month, and that was after a long teary conversation we had right before AF came on May 31st. Try talking to him about how much it REALLY bothers you that you aren’t actively trying, because not pulling out increases your chances greatly.good luck!!
I was raped. Now what? It feel so complicated and surreal.?
Q: I was raped a week from today. I feel so tired and confused and sick of thinking of what to do. I went to the hospital after it happened, took Plan B and now I’m antibiotics.I’ve been talking to a counselor. But this guy, the dipshit, the fucker, that horrible disgusting excuse for a guy isn’t just a stranger. He was my best friends boyfriend.I feel so lethargic, and slow. All I want to do is sleep. I feel like, I’m empty. All I want to do is work, because I feel productive and useful. When I stop, I think of what happened and what to do about it. I think about her, my best friend. I think about how to tell her.I feel so sad, hearbroken and angry. I love her, she is like my sister. I’ve been avoiding her this whole week, because I can’t bear to see her. She’s been calling me and leaving me comments on facebook, but I don’t know what to do. I returned one or two calls, but I’m always very quick about them. I know she’s catching on, but I just….I’m speechless. I never, ever wanted to say something like this to her. But I can’t ignore her forever.I know she will either, or most likely, deny me and think I’m joking, that I’m a sick fuck. I just want her to know, what a disgusting, awful excuse of a ‘boy friend’ she has. I keep going back and forth. I want to protect her in both ways, but I don’t know how. I’m so lost.A moment ago I was staring at my cell phone, thinking about this. And like a weird telepathic message, she called me. I ignored it. How the hell can I tell her this? It just breaks my heart. I hate this so much. I hate him. I hate myself.
A: Apparently since she still does not know… you went to the hospital but didnt tell them you were raped? because if you told them you had been raped they would have done a rape kit on you and had his DNA for proof. and they would have called the police. I say tell her, she is going to deny it and probably end up calling you names and will hate you but maybe eventually she will see what a creep he is and someday after she dumps him she will realize maybe you were telling the truth. Either way you cant be friends with her anyway if you you dont tell her and she is still with him…
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