What helps menstrul cramps

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A warm bath filled with aromatherapy or a heating pad on your lower abdomen and back is often helpful for relieving cramps. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-helps-menstrul-cramps ]
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What helps with menstrual cramps?
It sounds as if you are looking for good home remedies instead of medication like Midol and Pamprin. From an in depth survey on menstrual cramps it was revealed that the most popular remedy was heat. Heating pads, hor water bottles, heat pa…
How to Relieve Menstrual Cramps
Cramps are caused by the contraction of the uterus during menstruation and vary in intensity from mild to debilitating. Tags: vitamin cramps pain howt
What to do for bad menstrual cramps?
Motrin which is an over-the-counter pain medication. Sometimes drinking warm tea and curling up with a heating pad can help too.

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i get menstrul cramps when i run or do any exert excercise, what can i do to prevent it?
Q: well, when i run long distance i get cramps like as if i have my period. the pain last for about 30min to an hour and it hurts very much. i don’t know why i get like this but i don’t know what’s wrong and i don’t know how to prevent it from happening. can anyone help and give me some advice.
A: I would recommend getting in touch with your dr about this. I know I had a similar problem when I was in Junior High when it came to running in P.E. and I agree that it was very uncomfortable. I hope you get relief for it soon.
I get excruciatingly painful menstrul cramps? Is there a treatment?
Q: My cramps are more painful than most ladies. They are so bad they take over my life for 3 days every month and I’m unable to do anything else other than lie down hunched over. I’ve tried serveral painkillers, nothing works except advil…and it doesn’t help nearly enough!I went on birthcontol for awhile and that helped quite a bit, I still had pain but I was able to cope with it provided that I was on top of taking advil every 4 hours…unfortunately I stopped taking the pill due to a number of side effects (I recently asked a question regarding these side effects, take a look if you want!).I’m sick of being in pain and having it take over my life. I call in sick form work and it disrupts my school work. Sometimes they get so bad I throw up. Has anyone else had this problems? Is there anything I haven’t thought of that would ease the pain?
A: You really need to talk to your doctor and probably try a prescription-strength pain reliever. Anaprox works for me, and I have pretty extreme pain for a couple of days each month. It has lessened as I’ve grown older, but my life would come to a halt for those two days without the Anaprox.
Is it common to not have any pre- menstrul cramps ? help.!!!!!help!!?
Q: my last period was dec 11,so as you may assume i’m late. i took a prego test on dec 17 & it was neg. Ttc in January 3,4,7,10,11,24,26,27i’ve had an increase is cervical mucus discharge this whole month. i had lowere back pains on my left side that will last for 20min. My back just aches ,but it doesnt hurt. I’m not under any stressI havent experienced any pre-mestrual cramps like i usually do,so this is very strange.. why do you think that is?
A: Get yourself another pregnancy test and then make an appointment with your doctor.
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