What helps relieve a headache

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The best thing to do for a head ache is take some tylenol or aspirin, and go to a dark place and lay down. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-helps-relieve-a-headache ]
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How Aromatherapy Helps to Relieve Headaches
Headaches can be caused due to various reasons, it could be stress related, due to lack of sleep or due to a cold to name a few. There are various ways to get rid of a headache and most of us always rely on the one easiest way, which is to …
Can a certain type of music help relieve an headache??
yes and one good one i know is listening to dolphines in the water, you can by it on cd form from some music stores, also lots of soft classical music helps too, but the dolphine one i use my self and it is so relaxing for headaches.
How to Help Relieve Migraine headaches
・ 1 in a small container combine all of your ingredients and mix together well ・ 2 now run you a nice lukewarm bath to help relieve the tension and to relax you body and mind. ・ 3 while your bath water is running add you mixture to the bat…

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How to relieve a headache (without medicine)?
Q: How do you relieve a headache without medicine?PLEASE do not say aspirin or Tylenol or any other medicine because I have tried it and they make it worse. Any natural tips on something you can do or eat or something that can help? Thank you
A: what helps is to have a short “cat nap” for about twenty mintues to help to make the headache less painful. then, do some meditation or yoga. sitting or lying down on carpet and breathing slowly in and out in a darkish room can help. when you breathe in you think of your headache and how it is casuing you pain. when you breathe out you imagine it to be leaving in a tiny hole in the top of your head. focus all of your energy on this and perhaps put on some relaxing music. other alterntive is to while lying down to think of a glowing gold and warm light that is just where your heart should be. you must imagine it to be spreading to every single nook and cranny in your body, with a lot of this “golden energy” going to your head. breathing in and out focusing on this energy helps.if you often have headaches and don’t want to alleviate them with painkillers, purchase a yoga relaxation CD which usually has a person taking you through some steps, which only take a couple of minutes but can leave you feeling extremely refreshed and ready to go.if you have a couple of minutes, lie in a dark room with a cold compress on your head and over your eyes. relaxing like this can help to ease the nerves and muscles in your head. good luck and i hope your headache dissappears!
can anyone help how to relieve headache?
Q: my girlfriend suddenly has this huge headache. she says her spots near her eyes hurts and her head aches really bad. her chest also seems to hurt inside she says. she has quiet alot of stress and she is also on diet so that might be the cause but. is there way to relieve the pain quickly and for long term?also is there way to fix this problem with medication? she refuses to take advil and stuff
A: She needs to make herself throw up anything in her stomach and then drink some water and some regular coffee or tea with caffeine, eat some crackers or a slice of bread, and then go to sleep. If she would take 3 ibuprofen that would be very helpful too.
Is there anything that will relieve a headache caused by lack of caffeine? Aside from caffeine?
Q: I’m trying to drink less soda. My head feels like it’s about to explode! I’m use to drinking about 6 or 7 cokes a day. So far, I’ve only had one today and one is all I plan on letting myself have. So, what can I do for my headache? I’ve taken pain relievers but they haven’t helped.
A: Girl I feel your pain.A long time ago my doctor told me I had to quit caffeine.I was a Mt. Dew ADDICT.I went cold turkey on soda, and man was i hurting.My stomach was upset, my sleep patterns were shifted, I was grumpy and grouchy and snapping at people.Food, and water helped, but i didn’t wanna get fat so, I exercised ALOT.For a while, no matter what I drank, or how much, my body still craved MT. Dew.Finally after about a month, the shock and withdrawal symptoms faded and disappeared and I haven’t had to drink a soda since.My advice, Drink Lots and lots of water, work out, walk, ride bikes, swim, chew lots and lots of gum, distract yourself with other things, and make sure you have lots of MOTRIN handy and hopefully your friends and family will understand why you are being such a Biyatch for a while.
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