What is a fever blister and where do you get them

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A Fever Blister is oral herpes: caused by herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1). Thanks for choosing ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-a-fever-blister-and-where-do-you-get-them ]
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How to get rid of a fever blister?
You will need cotton swabs and a bottle of hydrogen peroxide. Take the cotton swab and dip it in the solution. Apply the saturated swab to your fever blister. Sometimes a little stinging occurs but it is very rare. You will notice that the …
What cause fever blister? how do you get it?
It can be caused by those two things but also by razors, sharing towels, etc. Fever blisters is herpes simplex. it stays latent in the nerve cells around the affected area. They can be passed from the lips to the genitals, so oral sex shoul…
Can my husband get the genital herpes if I gave him oral sex and …?
Yes. 50%+ of genital herpes infections are now caught that way these days, through receiving oral sex from someone that gets fever blisters… it is very common. 80% of people have oral herpes (aka fever blisters) and those that do aren’t a…

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What is the quickest way to get rid of a cold sore(fever blister)?
Q: I have two. One on the top lip and one on the bottom lip and I believe they are from my face being sunburnt. Does that make me ugly now? Should I even socialize while I look like this?
A: Sorry, you can not get rid of cold sores. They heal themselves. You could put over the counter meds on them to help them heal a little faster, but other than that they heal when they heal. Do not pick them and them them alone. You just need to live with it and they will go away before you know it.
what causes fever blister and how can you get rid of them?
A: A fever blister, AKA cold sore (assuming this is not inside the mouth, which is a canker) is a Herpes type virus. It is extremely common and estiamtes are that over 50% of Americans have this Herpes type 1 (Herpes Simplex Virus -1, or HSV-1) virus. Do not confuse this with “genital Herpes” which is a similar virus (they share about 50% of their DNA) but is almost always found on, in or around the genitals or anus if that is where sexual activity took place. In RARE cases, HSV-1 (cold sore, or “oral” herpes) can locate to the genitals and vice versa and only if there’s been skin to skin contact at those sites.Cold sores are very common because they are easily and innocently passed on. Children often get them. The Herpes virus – either of these two types- cannot be destroyed or gotten rid of. They both eventually (again except in very rare cases) retreat to nerve endings called ganglia, and stay there the rest of your life. They will occasionally make a trip up to the skin (I’ll stick with the mouth now) again and cause outbreaks or “blisters”. At this point you are contagious and even light skin to skin contact, or sometimes sharing towles, face cloths, even cutlery or drinking glasses can transmit the virus to soemone else, so you need to be careful at such times. They tend to be brought on by stress and some other factors. In a process called viral shedding, or jsut “shedding”, you can be contagious even before you see signs. (This also applies to HSV-2 or “genital herpes”).The good news, if you can call it hat, is that the attacks tend to get weaker and less often with time. Your immune system, assuming it is in good shape, will keep outbreaks under control as best it can. There are medications which -while they can’t eradicate the virus- can slow down or stop it replicating (applies to both HSV-1 and 2) . And finally, neither HSV-1 or HSV-2 will (again except in very rare cases) cause any threat to your health or damage to your body. They are a nuisance but not dangerous.(Rare cases: the HSV-1 virus can also show up on arms, legs and backs, and other places in immune-system compromised people. It can also in VERY rare cases, make it to the brain which results in encephalitis. Very rare.)
How do I get rid of a fever blister?
Q: I was wondering what the best stuff is for a fever blister. I have tried diffrent things and none of them seem to be working for me.
A: I’ve got them since i was a child .and i still get them at age 43 they are caused from stress.just let nature take its own course . .I’ve tryed about everything put some rubbing alcohol on it too help it dry up.and good luck.
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