What is a good doctor in my area

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How to Find a Doctor in My Area
・ 1 Talk to your family, friends, a school nurse or people at church. Ask them about local doctors. ・ 2 Contact your insurance company, which should have a list of area providers in your network and their… ・ 3 Request a referral from your…
How to find a good Doctor in your Area
・ 1 First you need to do a preliminary search for a local doctor. I recommend using the same sex doctor… ・ 2 Now that you have the name of the doctor you would like to see, go to healthgrades.com (link in Resources… ・ 3 I recommend, if …
What doctors accept Medicaid in my area?
Check the provider listing online by . Medicaid doctor listings are located on the Website.

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Does anyone know of any good family doctor in the orlando area?
Q: I am looking for a family doctor in the orlando area. Does anyone out there know od any good doctors that takes his/her time to actually talk to there patients and not just write a prescription and send them on there way. Where are all the good doctors?
A: Sorry, Oregon here. My advice is to ask friends or family. If that’s not available… you can set “interview” appointments like a consult. Usually those are free. And you can see if that doctor is for you. In Oregon we have websites that show any malpractice or lawsuits on physicians… maybe you can find something like that for your area to help you with your decision.
Does anyone know of a good fibromyalgia doctor in the triad area of nc?
Q: I have some crazy symptoms and pain…have had them off and on for about 15 years now. But now it’s really bad..need a doctor that doesn’t think I am a nut case. Live in the triad area of NC…anyone know of a good doctor?
A: [email protected] keeps a list of docs recommended by other patients from around teh country–and takes off bad docs–unike other so called referral lists
I need a good doctor in the Dallas TX area?
Q: I have a friend who’s doctor retired and they did not refer their patients to anyone. She has chronic pain from a back injury and is dreading the difficult process of interviewing doctors to find the right one. Can anyone suggest a good doctor anywhere in the Dallas TX area? She lives in Plano but for a good doc she’d drive. Please help if you can!
A: http://doctor.webmd.com/physician_finder/home.aspx?sponsor=corethis will fix you up. good luck
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