What is a good home remedy for treating cold sores

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Apply a tea bag for few minutes on the blisters, repeat this every hour. Avoid acidic and salty foods. Eat vitamin rich diet. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-a-good-home-remedy-for-treating-cold-sores ]
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How to Treat Cold Sores with Home Remedies
・ 1 Cool down the itch and tingling at the first sign of a cold sore with ice. Wrap an ice cube in a soft… ・ 2 Keep your hands to yourself. Of all the home remedies for treating cold sores, one of the most important… ・ 3 Boil your tooth…
How to Treat Cold Sores Using Home Remedies
Cold sores are irritating, can make you self-conscious, and there is no cure. They are very contagious, and one will most likely get cold sores from a herpes virus, also known as the herpes…
Is ice a good cold sore remedy?
Pressing or rubbing ice on a sore is possibly the best-known home remedy for cold sores. There are several benefits to this remedy. If the ice is applied early in the development of the cold sore, it can slow down the metabolism of the area…

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if you have cold sores do you have herpes?
Q: I KNOW THE VIRUS IS THE “SIMILAR” to the herpes virusand that like herpes it never really leaves your bodybut really whats the difference?I just have a few questionswouldn’t the cold sore virus just be a weaker strain of the herpes virus?when the cold sore virus is “dormant” (not visible on face) can it bestill transferred by saliva?when you have a cold sore what is the best way to treat it without medication?home remedies?
A: Hi RyokaiHopefully I can help you.The virus that causes cold sores (cold sore virus) is the herpes simplex virus – either type 1 or type 2. About 79% of cold sores on the face are caused by type 1. The remainder are type 2. The two strains are almost identical in every way. Either type can cause genital herpes also. Usually type 2 causes most of the genital herpes.Neither is a weaker strain – they both do equal damage.Keep in mind that this virus is normally passed on by direct contact and the sores it creates will stay near the area where it first entered the body.There is a lot of discussion on whether you are infectious when the virus is dormant. Some of my friends at Mayo say it is possible. I guess anything is possible. My feeling is that most diseases are passed on only when you have active symptoms. Two things to keep in mind.If you were always contagious – or possibly contagious – you would never be able to kiss again. I just don’t go along with that theory.Besides, nine out of ten people are already infected – at least for facial cold sores. That is nearly everybody. That is no reason to not be careful. We know for a fact that you are very contagious from the first tingling sensation on your lip until the sore is totally healed and the redness is totally gone. Follow this and I think you will be in good shape.For home remedies there are many. Here is a good basic plan.Apply cold to the sore from the beginning until it opens up. This is the time the virus is doing the damage and the cold will slow it down. Sometimes it will stop it completely.After the sore breaks open, do not use ice. This is the healing period and applying cold now will slow healing down a lot. Apply heat now for some comfort and a lot faster healing. Use a hot tea bag to do this as tea has some great anti-virus and healing properties. Do not heat up the tea bag directly in a microwave – it will destroy these beneficial properties. You can heat the water first and then use that to heat up the bag. If you can find tea with mint in it – much better still.When the sore scabs over, keep it soft and pliable with olive oil or petroleum jelly. That will prevent painful cracking and re-healing.There are many home remedies that don’t cost you anything that I wish I had the time to tell you about.Good luckDenny Bodoh
cold sore?
Q: are there any home remedies to treat a cold sore?are there any secret tricks to get it to go away?and is there any thing to make the pain go away?or to make it unnoticeable?
A: ohhh my gosh!!!i have this stuff called chapstick medicated cold sore therapyit works soo wellby the next day it should be almost gone
“What is the number-one way to treat a cold sore?”?
Q: I ‘m prone to getting cold sores every time i get sick or run-down. They are so painful. I can’t stand it! I like to do it as home remedy.
A: For cold sores, you should puncture the blisters and let the fluid out that way it’ll dry up and heal MUCH quicker. A well-placed needle should do the trick, but please be careful. Also, if you can’t stand the pain, this product called Blistex works very well. Just apply it on the cold sore and ther’ll be this slight zingy sensation (like toothepaste) and you won’t even remember that it’s there. It’s pretty cheap too…like 2 to 3 bucks at pathmark or duane reades.
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