What is a lazy eye and how can you fix it

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Amblyopia causes more visual loss in the under 40 group than all the injuries and diseases combined in this age..Text for more. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-a-lazy-eye-and-how-can-you-fix-it ]
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How to fix a lazy eye?
Theres quite a lot of options you could consider. Mainly lazy eyes, or squints, are corrected during childhood by patching, in which you’r good eye is covered with a patch to encourage your lazy eye to work harder, and therefore becomes s…
How to fix my lazy eye?
obviously it si bothering you, go see him again or see another doc. in the old days yas they would pattch the good eye to force the other eye to be used mare and gain in strenth, but i think that can take quite a while. there are probably o…
Can laser eye surgery fix a lazy eye?
In general, if you are referring to an eye muscle disorder in which the eye position is not straight, there is no laser for these procedures yet . Most eye muscle surgeries are traditional surgeries in which muscles are moved to new positio…

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I want to cry. How can I fix my lazy eye?
Q: I’m 14 and I feel ugly. I have a lazy eye (some of the time) and I don’t want to go to the doctor or anything, so is there a way I can like train my eyes so they will be straight?
A: I am guessing you have a “wandering eye” rather than a “lazy eye”.A lazy eye does not see well. A wandering eye looks somewhere different than it partner. Often it drifts out and is called exophoria-exotropia. Fatique and illness make tis worse. The only cure is to have a small surgery on the eye muscle. Go see a pediatric ophthalmologist.
Can you fix a lazy eye at the age of 25?
Q: I have had a lazy since i was younger. I remeber having surgery when i was younger but the problem is stil here. Now that i am older can i have my lazy eye fixed. I want my eyes to be straight.
A: I would definitely to another kind of eye doctor and they should beable to fix you up so the problem goes away!!! I have really bad eyes so i kind of understand what your going thru!!! I hoped this helped tho good luck!!! stay tuned at my website for fashion and beauty at www.aubriesblog.wordpress.com thanks!!!
How do you fix lazy eye with photoshop?
Q: I don’t really mind my lazy i will correct it later but for now i want to fix my lazy eye in my photos i heard you can edit it in photoshop but how, im not very good at using photoshop please i would highly appreciate some help
A: photoshop lazy eye tutorial,not much found, one refers to buying cd, http://www.swpp.co.uk/professional_imagemaker/blinking_heck.htmhttp://www.invano.com/tutorials/photoshop/beyondborders.phphttp://www.osc-centre.com/eye_squint_a.htmlhttp://www.aces-abes.org/there are some folk with lazy eyes, and with todays technology you could fix easily enough, though advised to do younger, but not too young in case it corrects itself first, for other reasons like driving, and better perspective, can always be done, any some times having lay eye is more attractive cause of being rare, yet for safety reasons may be wise to correct, some lazy eyes are supposedly not fixable, maybe so , so get an eye surgeons opinion, and optometrist as well for second opinions,since this is your own eye edit, you could use a few images from different angles, select a few that appear aligned and overlap and edit, and blend, also have option to select part of eye center and move selection over in new layer, match both eyelids blur or fade edges, save copy as jpg,..
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