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1800 Calorie Diet: 2 lean Pork Sausages grilled – 250 calories 2 lean Bacon grilled – 200 cals 1 Egg Scrambled – 90 cals MORE [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-a-sample-diet-plan ]
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Can you tell me where I can find a sample Dr Atkins Diet Plan??
I would appreciate some assistance with The Atkins Diet.I read every book,and spent some time at their internet site,but nowhere I could find a sample 14 days diet plan for breakfast,lunch and diner were sample portions are given ie:ham and…
What If I Don’t Like the Foods Suggested in the Sample 1500 Calor…?
Contact me for personalized menu planning. For a small fee, I’d be happy to write menus that fit your particular food preferences and dietary needs (high protein, low carb, low cholesterol, low sodium, high fiber, etc.) If you don’t want …
How to Find Sample Meal Plans for the Ornish Diet?
・ 1 Buy Dr. Dean Ornish’s book, “Eat More, Weigh Less.” It explains the diet, what you should eat and how… ・ 2 Eat several small meals a day. You’ll get hungry every couple of hours, so you should plan ahead to… ・ 3 Know that …

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please help me lose weight ='[ i’m desperate… sample workout and diet plan?
Q: i am 18 years old, and i am 5’3″ and 155 pounds. i would like to weigh 130 pounds, to be slim, have a nice figure, and to have lean muscle tone. i would like to lose around 2 pounds a week.please give me a week-long sample diet and exercise plan that will help me achieve my goals. nothing has worked so far; i haven’t lost or gained any weight since my starting efforts in December.please help ='[ i’m desperate
A: Sounds like you are ready. There are so many of these plans all over the place that you will only be confused by them. The key is to get rid of most of the sugar in your diet and all the other bad stuff, like certain types of fat, but not all. Try to eat lots of veggies and get healthy protein. I knew all about this and had all kinds of information, but finally had to turn to a medically qualified dietrician, not just a general practitioner MD, although mine knows her stuff. The dietrician I went to has just started me on a program and I do find it hard because the first part is a detox diet that I hate, so far. I am not very hungry though, so maybe some weight will be lost, but that is not the point of the detox part of the program. To lose weight she will have me go on a high protein diet of meat and organic, sugar-free, veggies and fruits. Along with chemical free and bad fats free things like dairy products, bread, drinks. No or few sugars.This is not the diet you wanted, but I just want to show how one starts out that doesn’t have all the exact foods and calories you can have in a day. For me this is much better.I really recommend going to a certified dietician in your area because every body is different and every mind is too. You need someone who can evaluate you completely – what you eat now, how much you exercise, how your general health is and a lot of other things.All that goes into the kind of and amount of food selected by you and the dietrician.Now, if you can’t pay for this, the next best thing is to listen to the answers here and then research for yourself more about what are good foods and what are not. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA.GOV I think) has an entire section on this and they are the experts and will not mince words.Of course, most people in the USA, if you are from the USA, do not get nearly enough exercise to use up the excess calories they take in every day. There is only one cure for that, as you know. Go out and do twice as much exercise as you think you need or have time for. Have you ever seen an overweight figure skater? Of course not, and they might exercise eight hours or more a day. Just the other day I noticed a beautiful woman taking lessons (in a gym) for figure skating. This was, I suppose, for the dancing part, but I was in the gym for two hours and she was doing the dance lessons for the entire two hours, was there when I arrived and when I left. That is probably light exercise for her, but for anyone else it would be a lot. I am a guy and I still remember how good she looked, both her figure and just generally, even though she was not one of these overwhelmingly gorgeous models in Playboy or something like that. Probably because she exercised for her sport, not just for her looks.Since I have neither looks or sport, my reason to diet is no longer to lose weight. It is to improve my health so that I have a better quality of life. Of course I will lose weight and look better too, but I keep that in the back of my mind and will be surprised, I hope, in a year or much less.I wish you success and feel you will have it because you are willing to learn and to do.
Can someone give me a sample diet plan?
Q: I’m 19, 5’2 1/2” and i weigh 99 pounds. My doctor diagnosed me with anorexia, and she wanted me to go to a therapist/nutritionist but I told her that i’d try to get better on my own. I’m freaking out..I’m really afraid to gain weight back..I know that I’m not going to get fat..I just don’t want to gain weight back because I like how my body looks now. I go to the gym 3 days a week & burn around 500 calories. I eat somewhat healthy. Since I’m going to college I want to take a huge break from working out for a while…and I was just wondering if I’d gain weight back from doing so? Also, I was wondering if you could give me a sample diet (breakfast, snacks, lunch, & dinner) for me to follow so I don’t have to worry about overeating. I usually would probably take in around 1400 calories to maintain my weight…?? I’m not so sure. I’d really appreciate all of the help I can get. I also count my calories every single day, and I won’t have to do that if I actually have samples of ”safe” food written down for me to eat. I really don’t want to have this problem anymore, and it’s really making me insane because it’s taking over my life. please help. Thank you.
A: I couldn’t possibly imagine what’s going through your head right now … I’m so so sorry you have to feel like this … it really isn’t fair. Ok kiddo … here goes. I get a lot of questions about diet and nutrition, and this is what I tell everyone. Eat three substantial meals a day, and three snacks in between. So … at 8 am: eat breakfast10 am: a small snack2 pm: lunch4 pm: another small snack6 pm: dinner8 pm: a small, preferably sweet snack (like fruit or yogurt)Now that we have established when you should be eating, let’s move on to WHAT to eat. To maintain great health, build your diet around eggs, nuts (like almonds), beans, spinach and other green vegetables, dairy (milk and cheese), oat, lean meets such as turkey or chicken or roast beef), wholegrain breads and cereals and berries (strawberries; raspberries). I don’t want you to live off this diet, just focus on eating as many of these foods as possible. As for portioning … don’t listen to anyone other than you’re stomach. You’re belly will tell you when you’re had enough – you’ll start to feel full! An example of breakfast would be a bowl of porridge, and a banana. A snack could be a handful of walnuts, or a glass of skimmed milk. There’s one other thing I’d like to discuss, and that is your fear of gaining weight. I don’t want to lecture that “you’re fine the way you are, stop being so dramatic”. There are enough bubble-headed idiots in the world to do that for me. But I would reccomend you talk to someone about it – please don’t shut anybody out for the sake of it. If your doctor advises to see a counsellor, give it a go! Even if it’s one session and you decide later that you don’t want to go back … at least you’ve talked to somebody besides yourself. You said in your question that you could use all the help you can get … well go have a browse around on the internet … go back to see your doctor … talk to as many people as you can …Ultimately, what you’re happy with is most important. If you want to stay the weight you are at present – no one has the right to say otherwise. But get a little perspective, see what other’s have to offer. You never know, it might just help! 🙂
1100 calorie sample diet plan?
Q: I am looking for something to go by to help me know what foods to eati went to the diet doctor and he put me o a 1100 calorie diet and diet pills and i get a shot once a week to burn or melt the fat so i was needing a 1100 calorie menue plan
A: I agree with the previous poster, never, ever, ever, go under 1200 calories.She said…”They” say not to go below 1200/day.Well, I don’t know who “they” are, but I, me, say not to go below 1200, from personal experience. Have you ever heard of that lady, not losing weight, eating a yogurt and a piece of lettuce a day?Or those people surviving for years in prison camps with one handful of rice/day?Your body is a marvelous machine and will adapt in order to save you from starving to death so if you eat less that what your basic metabolism needs, your body will just lower those needs so, for the REST OF YOUR LIFE, you will need less food to survive. Some people are fat, not because they eat too much, but because at one point in their life, they went on a diet and ate too little and now, when they’re eating normally, they just get fat.Don’t become a statistic.At 1200 calories, you can have 3 meals/day with 400 calories each. Or you can have a 300 calories breakfast, and 400 calories lunch and a 500 calories dinner. Or any combination you like most, like a 300 calories breakfast, two 250 calories snacks and a 400 calories dinner.You should only drink zero calories drinks, like water, tea or coffee. You should eat food that are high in fiber so you feel full. A huge plate of broccoli, as much as you can eat, could only have 80 calories and really fill you up.You can make a huge, very satisfying, 250 calories salad with lots of lettuce, some vinaigrette (with one teaspoon of olive oil), some hard boiled egg without the yolk, a slice of ham, a sprinkle of cheese, some olives…Never eat anything white, like bread, rice or pasta…go for the brown kind, the whole wheat kind, you will eat half of the calories and feel twice more full.If you feel like having some sweets, some M&M, for example, go for those little tiny 80 calories packs, not the big huge 220 calories ones (but an apple would still be a better choice).And above all, exercise. Any energy your body will need for exercising, will be taken directly from your fat reserves, since you’ll be eating only 1200 calories, which is just enough for your basic metabolism, but not enough for exercising.
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